pet bulldog kills one month old in nebraska

By John Okoro | February 16, 2021

pet bulldog kills one month old in nebraska

Laura Harrison 3h  · Say it with me friends: YOUNEVEREVERLEAVEYOURKIDALONEWITHANYDOG. Maginot is a marshmallow of a dog and she loves her boy with every inch of her whole being, she doesn’t ever get left around Jack when an adult is not around. Not even if I have to potty. Either one of them come with me, or Gigs goes in the kitchen. It’s not just about protecting Jack, it’s protecting Giggy as well. Toddlers and young kids get mad and lash out. Gigs walked through an ocean Jack made and he pushed her away, that’s not cool. We don’t do that. But because I was there, I was able to correct Jack’s behavior as soon as it happened. Basically, this is a super sad and devastating story and I cannot imagine how much pain and anguish this family is feeling right now. For as heartbreaking as it is, let’s remind ourselves why we must always be the guardians and protectors for both our kids and our furry kids.

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