Pete Harsh Death : Pete Harsh has died .

By | October 13, 2021

Pete Harsh Death : Pete Harsh has died .

We are sad to report that Pete Harsh.  has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on August 30. 2021.

Teachin Fishin 16h  · Not sure I can type through the tears right now…remember last week I mentioned how kind it would be if you reached out to the folks who had a positive influence in your life, be it fishing related or not, and this is why you NEED to do it NOW… We lost one of the best in our little walleye world tonight….we have lost Pete Harsh. Most of you will probably not know who Pete is, but I promise you, if you know anything about walleye tournament fishing in the past 30 years, his name has come up. He was a giant of a man, a quiet man, a gentle soul…someone who epitomized what a “professional” angler should be….he was my friend, a mentor, and someone who always had time for a story and a smile. I am heart broken right now…we spoke of Pete last night during coffee hour and it made me think that I should plan a good long trip to Minnesota and ND and spend a day in the boat with him this summer. Now that will never happen…… As I get older, I find that the tears come more often and more easily; that the holes in my heart are filled much more slowly; that each loss is harder…… I’m growing weary………RIP Pete Thanks for letting me know John Balla

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Brian Woodard wrote
Pete talked me out of prefishing in some nasty weather in port Clinton probably 15 years ago, I had never met him before but he sat with a “rookie” and talked about making wise decisions as well as walleye tournament fishing and life in general! He had never met me and yet he sat with me for a very long conversation that still leaves me dumbfounded that this genuine wealth of knowledge took the time with a newbie!

Bob Baughman wrote
Wow…sad news. Fond memories of Pete from the PWT days. Whether it was conversation at dinner or just a comment in passing, always found his insight to be valuable…lost a great guy.

Chris Larsen wrote
Lance, sorry to hear this news. I never formally met Pete but saw him at several weigh ins. Very jovial man that seemed to have the respect and friendship of many. Condolences to his family and friends.

Ali Shakoor wrote
Wow. Mr Tiller. Sorry Lance. He was just mentioned in coffee hour yesterday. We would message back and forth about tournies. He had never met me but offered any help or info I needed or wanted. He said he had “fished a few tournies”. Of course I knew who and what he was. I thought that was super awesome for such a legend to reach out to someone who was just starting out. He was always kind to me. May he rest in eternal peace.

Teachin Fishin wrote
had some great campfire chats with him when we would both camp at Linwood during tournaments…he was very kind and generous with his fishing knowledge and just an awesome human being….

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