Peter Hornbeck Death -Obituary – Dead : Peter Hornbeck has Died .

By | December 28, 2020

Peter Hornbeck Death -Obituary – Dead : Peter Hornbeck has Died .

Peter Hornbeck
has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on 
December 27. 2020.

Melissa Heshmat 18 hrs  · Rest In Peace Peter Hornbeck. You gave us something more precious than diamonds and gold. You gave us your marvelous boats, by which we experience the joy, beauty and peace of our natural world again and play like children! At 70, in the middle of a pandemic, this is a very precious gift!!! We are eternally grateful and send you our love . Thank you . Melissa and Hooshang Heshmat

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Hornbeck Boats Inc

It is with immeasurable heartbreak we must share the news our founder, Peter Hornbeck, died today. His family is in shock. Pete enjoyed Christmas with Ann, Leigh, Josh and his grandsons Rushton and Devlin. He died of a heart attack after a walk in the woods with his family. There was no warning; Pete had a clean bill of health from the cardiologist just this month. We take solace from knowing he went quickly, in the place he loved, with the people he loved most. No services are planned for now, we will host a memorial service in the spring.

Brendan Wiltse Photography
So sorry for your loss. I’ll be sure to take a quiet paddle to a remote Adirondack pond in his memory. He was such a kind and gracious man that gave so much to his community. Rest in peace Pete.

Susan Fitz-Gerald Smith
So sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences to his family, his Hornbeck family, and his many friends. Peter graciously showed me around when I bought my boat a few years ago.

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Ron Turbide
I am so saddened to hear this. Before the pandemic caused us to stay home, when cruising around the Adirondacks we would try to include a stop at Hornbeck Boats to renew our friendship with Peter. He is an Adirondack Icon to be sure and will be sorely missed by his many friends. The North Country has lost a champion for sure.

Melissa Ann
Our condolences. My dad died the same way. A shock and heartbreak. But for my dad, he wouldn’t have chose a different path to the lord. Peter gave us a gift in each hornbeck. He will forever be in these mountains and streams of our dear Adirondacks

Jude Prashaw
I am so sorry for your sudden loss. Two friends and myself all bought hornbecks after meeting Pete. His gift of creating this boat will continue to enrich our lives. When spring arrives we will paddle our Hornbecks in honour and thanksgiving for Pete.

Mary Duk
My heart is breaking for the Hornbeck family. He was such a kind and generous man. His little boats opened up more of the ADKs to me and his artwork was an inspiration. He will be sorely missed.

Carl Heilman II Photography – Wild Visions, Inc.
We are so saddened to hear this. What a great guy!! Our thoughts and prayers are with Ann, Leigh, Josh and family. He will be missed by so many…

Laura Liebel
Ann, I am so very sad to hear about Peter’s passing. I lost my husband Jeff in November. Similar circumstances. The shock and the loss is unreal, unbelievable and unbearable. Sadly or strangely-I thought that Jeff would enjoy Peter’s company-wherever they are now. We visited the shop years ago, but Jeff and Pete continued their conversations and friendship centered around boats and business. Sending you and your family a blanket of warmth filled with love and memories. It’s not an easy path ahead. But, we keep going. For them.
Denise Jenks
His boats have helped me explore the ADKs to a level that wouldn’t have been possible without them. My life was enriched by what his vision and skills wrought. RIP Peter.

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Patty Warrington
My heart goes out to the family on such a sudden loss of such a a kind and gentle spoken soul , was so happy that we took a mule ride a couple of weeks ago Pete helped me cut some boughs for Christmas as we set in the mule and admired the beauty of Mountain & Higgins Flow and talked of how close he was in talking Ann into that new tractor ……. and then just stopping days ago to take a picture of me and my dog and tell us the great news that he had ordered there tractor , tears in my eyes as I type but know he was completly fullfilled a very humble and thankful man …. The love for Ann and his family and all that he had….Will see you my good friend and neighbor up on the mountin paddle on
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