Phi Nhung Death – Obituary News: Popular Vietnamese Passed Away dies from Covid-19.

By | September 28, 2021

Phi Nhung Death – Obituary News: Popular Vietnamese Singer dies from Covid-19.

We are sad to report that Miss Phi Nhung, a Vietnamese Singer sacrificed her own life for Music during the Delta Variant SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic devastating Vietnam! She stayed in ICU for several weeks & just passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 28. 2021.

Viet H ươngng informs the dear brothers, sisters, colleagues, reporters and beloved audience: Singer Pham Phi Nhung (France named Tinh Binh) has passed away at 12 g15 on 28/09/2021 (on 22th July, Tan Su) at Ch ợ R ẫyy Hospital after long time fighting against sickness. Currently, Viet Huong and his family are preparing the necessary procedures to take care of the posterity for singer Phi Nhung. Thus, Viet Huong is looking forward to the newspaper, colleagues and audience sympathize if Viet Huong can’t receive the phone as well as answer messages of encouragement and condolences at this time. Viet Huong will have official announcements after the post-mission procedures have been arranged carefully. Once again, Viet Huong would like to represent the family sincerely thank the hearts of brothers, sisters, colleagues, reporters and far-reaching audience who have sincerely prayed for Phi Nhung the past few days and have sent these deepest condolences for this huge loss of singer Phi Nhung’s family. Respect the newspaper!   · Hide Translation  · Rate this translation 354K354K 84K Comments 7.9K Shares Like Comment Share

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Thiên Nhân Đức wrote
Some of the poems of Duc to Ms. Phi Nhung:
A high living person,
No riddles, noisy!
No flowers are gorgeous!
The beautiful sister is dedicated to the soul.
Many children grow up,
Your hand is taking care of me!
Now I’m at An Giac, I’m
They are orphans again.
I take care of every meal,
Warm blanket sleeps at night, noon.
Where the children are leaning,
Now I have to say ‘ ‘ The Word ‘ ‘.
Knowing how to be born in the disease of death
Everyone has to go through.
Why is it so painful,
Farewell to you! Phi Nhung!
Lê Nguyên Bảo wrote
·Hey Bau, I’m sad for the words people sow pain.
They finished talking, they never lived for themselves.
Who choose where to start when life is born?
But I always remind me.
Live for the meaning of love to live human beings……”
Today, a sad day for both Showbiz in particular and for the audience who always love Ms. Phi Nhung in general!
Wish everyone good health, give each other more positive things to keep everyone happy, life is so impermanent.
Let’s give each other words of love while you can.Thang Ha
My sincere thanks to VIET HUONG couple…
Respectfully respectfully… wish the incense of Phi Nhung will be able to escape to Buddha’s place. Namo Amitabha Buddha
′′ Life is like burning oil, burning quickly is no longer available.
The scene of life, I want to be lost to anyone, which flowers bloom then will fade away tomorrow.”
′′ Life is so short that we love each other is not enough, so busy that we can’t get angry ′′Lê Khoa wrote
When Uncle Chi Tai lost auntie and uncle Linh and the artists also stand to take care of it now, Ms. Nhung also took care of it on behalf of the family. Enough to understand her heart like this, the things that I do, know why it’s okay to be ashamed of her conscience. You and your family stay healthy. Who else wants to say anything, let’s say it, life has its cause.

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