Police Officer Shot Dead UK – Police Officer Shot Dead in Croydon.

By | September 25, 2020

Police Officer Shot Dead UK – Police Officer Shot Dead in Croydon.

“This is a sad day for our country, as once again, we see the tragic killing of a police officer in the line of duty.” Priti Patel gives a statement on the officer who was shot dead last night at a police station in Croydon, London.

Sandra Ciantar wrote 
Let’s see now if this story will be talked about for months and months, on every news station and every morning show. I hope to see all the footballers and Lewis Hamilton taking the knee for this police man.

Chris Rock wrote 
There’s something not right with this Tragedy,Everyone is searched thoroughly on arrest,pockets checked and any belongings and this person is giving the chance to shoot a Police officer when carrying out there duties, Outrageous and Unbelievable, We need to sort this out..it’s a total shambles and run by muppets. Sort this out Priti Patel. !!!

Trifa Gibbins wrote 
I can not believe some (majority) of comments on here A police officer has lost his life! And yet you continue to blame the police? So.. maybe all you People who do this can explain why you would do this? Because really not getting it? I am sure that you all are well trained in the procedure of arrest! Some of you are obviously employed by the Anti Terrorist department or even MI5?? For Gods sake… have some respect.

Ali Khan wrote 
My Question is. Where did this gun come from ?? How he shot inside the police station ? No one search him just after arrest ?
My thoughts are with the family RIP

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Alison M Burgin wrote 
She, like the current Government truly do not care for any person of the country and have failed to support the services in continuing to cut down on the numbers necessary in today’s society!!

John Paul wrote 
This is what happens when politicians and media push an anti police message to rile people up

Alisandra Bennett wrote 
Every one. Eeds there own Gun. To protect ourself against this Evil Goverment
Or Pray hope for the best x

Margaret Jones wrote 
All the racists comments are from people who are ignorant and a disgrace. Using this evil act and the death of this police office to promote their dispicable agenda.

Freddie Lewis wrote 
Not all officers are armed so that is odd.
there has to be more facts to why he was shot. By a detained criminal

Paulpips Howes wrote 
Nigel Farage explained yesterday on Facebook how gun crime has gone up in Sweden it’s really frightening it should be on his face book to look at. Time to arm the police with guns at least they might stand a chance Patel and Boris do not know who they have in this country it’s out of Control time to suspend the Dublin Agreement and sort out the Judicial system and Lawyers my condolences to this Police constables family and friends so so sad.

Sylvia N Martin McBeal wrote 
Doesn’t surprise us in the least, too many foreigners just coming here on boats with no papers, why are they being allowed to land on our shores ,it’s so dangerous for everyone now,we have no protection,we have no weapons to defend ourselves .
BLM are allowed to protest ,loot,steal ,smash and burn ,nothing is stopping them

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