Porcha Smythe-Smith 20, girl fly around the streets of London like Superman

By | April 20, 2019

London , United Kingdom, April 20th 2019

A young lady was taking around the streets by the police to fulfill her desire of flying around the streets of London like a superman.

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That’s the best way to complete the London marathon, get arrested just after the start knowing that most of the police stations en route will have been closed….

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The plod should just leave them in situ…Bloody weather has never been so glorious. They obv doing a great job. Plus its in London so dont affect us Black Country folk

It was the beard that threw me!! I am greatful and take on board your observations and I have now realigned my gender assumptions appropriately.

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The female Police man is not wearing gloves. That is a a lone. Where as her Male Police man Opo has double gloved, to handle the feral unwashed thing.

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