Portland Protests Update : Professor Maureen Healy shot In the head by fed agents.

By | July 26, 2020

Protesters are gathering on different cities across the United States to march in solidarity with Portland, Oregon protesters.

Today Thousands of New Yorkers shutdown traffic on Brooklyn Bridge to protest Trump’s handling of protesters in Portland Oregon.

Lewis and Clark College Professor Shot in Portland.

Professor Maureen Healy is the chair of the History Dept at Lewis and Clark College. She teaches Modern European History, specializing in the history of Germany & Eastern Europe (and the rise of fascism). She was shot in the head by fed agents on Monday night in Portland . According to Helen Armstrong on twitter.


State from Maureen Hearly after the attack.

Take a moment to read her statement


And more gruesome photos have been coming out, of PDX citizens put in hospital by rubber bullets to the head. Maureen Healy, the History chair at a local college, shot . Donavan La Bella, shot 2 weeks ago for no clear reason & still suffering from the resultant brain injury.

Comments and Reactions.

The following is how people reacted to this story on social media.


Jodi Bowersox wrote on Facebook If you go to church today and don’t give a rip about what’s going on in Portland or about the men, women, and children still in cages on our border or the thousands of people who have lost their jobs and will very soon lose their unemployment and possibly their homes…if the suffering of the ill and dying hasn’t reached your heart… if all you want is to sing some songs and feel good about yourselves for being courageous in a pandemic, you ain’t really going to church.
Another person who identified herself as Laurie on twitter wrote I think we are at a crossroads and on the verge of a nearly impossible situation.We have tried to stop this mystery police force with letters and legal judgements, but the Trump administration and “their” militias won’t concede a thing. Is civil war imminent?

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