R Loren Sandford Death – Obituary News: Denver Colorado Pastor who downplayed the impact of covid-19 has died from the Virus.

By | September 18, 2021

R Loren Sandford Death – Obituary News: Denver Colorado Pastor who downplayed the impact of covid-19 has died from the Virus.

We are sad to report that Pastor R Loren Sandford who spend months downplaying the impact of coronavirus in America have died from the virus.

Mr. Sandford is the Senior pastor at New Song Church and Ministries located in Denver Colorado.

For several months now before his contracted the disease, Pastor Sandford posted statements on social media that downplayed the impact of Covid-19 in America.

If the president has his way as announced, and a government rep knocks on my door to ask after and promote the vaccine, I will close the door on them and lock it. The government has no right to ask or know what I have or have not done with my own body. he wrote on Facebook.

On August 15th the pastor announced that himself and other members of his church has contracted covid-19 and decided to close his church to stop the spread.
He wrote .
I don’t know where it came from or how it happened but we at New Song have been slammed with Covid-19 cases. I myself am still extemely ill as is nearly our entire staff except Ray and Inex who are out of town.
To protect everyone I AM CLOSING THE CHURCH FOR A WEEK in order to stop this thing. I love my poeple too much not do this. I will, however, stream an older full length worship service from the achives so that you can worship and get the word of the Lord.
Obviously, this season hits us very hard financially so please keep your giving going and if you are a friend of New Song, help us to get over this hump. And definitely pray, especially if I must extend it to a second week.

On Sept 14th it was announced by the his friend and Pastor, Jeremiah Johnson of the  Altar Global Church that R. Loren Sandford was in the hospital on a ventilator with Covid-19.

A long time mentor and prophetic father to me, R. Loren Sandford is currently in the hospital on a ventilator with Covid-19. The news today is not good as the doctors believe he has taken a turn for the worse. He is now 100 percent oxygen dependent and needs a miracle. With tears, I ask for your prayers of faith and healing for this dear man, his church in Denver, CO, and family. Thank you!
-Jeremiah Johnson wrote on Facebook.

His death was announced by several sources on social media today September 18th.

Elaine Tavolacci wrote

So sad to see another General in the Faith leave us too soon. R Loren Sandford went home to be with the Lord. Loren was a Pastor, Prophet, Teacher and author of many books. This week we also lost Randy Lechner, David Yonggi Cho, and Mary K Baxter. Some things we don’t understand but we will see the Elishas rise up and take Elijahs mantle. Lorens wife Beth Damon Sandford wrote the following: To my dear friends in the faith, tonight my precious, wonderful lifetime partner went home to be with our Jesus! R Loren Sandford, my friend, hubby and love of my life is singing with the angel choir. Thank you to all who stood with my family and myself during this fight. Blessings Beth Damon Sandford

Pastor Jeremiah of the Alta Global Church also confirmed the death of his friend Pastor R. Loren Sandford.

Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Jeanne Seals wrote 
I have known Pastor Loren for years. He was one of the first pastors who joined a weekly pastor’s prayer meeting to pray for revival to come like a fire to the Rocky Mountain region. He was a prophetic voice to not only to the Rocky Mountain region, but also to the world. He was one of my spiritual fathers in the faith and I could always reach out to him for insight and direction, and he was there every time. He may have left this earth for now; but his voice and life’s work will live on. Praying for his wife Beth and their families and all those who will be greatly impacted by his unexpected passing. I truly will miss hearing the voice coming from the wilderness.

Becca Greenwood wrote 
Jeanne Seals so beautifully stated. A beautiful tribute. I was so honored to begin to know him and form a friendship with him. I find myself thinking how awesome it would have been for this to occur many years ago. Jeanne what a privilege, joy and honor to have been so close to him. His voice and work will live on. I’m praying for you during this time. So sorry for your loss.

Ryan J. Fontenot wrote 

I was repairing my life and picking up the pieces. I had shut down the church I pastored for 13 years and when I didn’t know what was next, the LORD sent me to New Song Church and Ministries – Denver to heal under R Loren Sandford. He told me they wouldn’t be my color but they would be my kind of people. In the last year he has fathered me, poured into me and most of all believed in me when I didn’t know what my future in ministry looked like. RIH Pastor Loren! .
Always sending my love to Beth Damon Sandford and the entire New Song Church. God be our Help…
In the picture below he was praying for one of my Sons who was having a hard time hearing at Fresh Oil 2k21…
May be an image of 1 person, standing and indoor

Debbie Alsabrook wrote 
My deepest condolences to your entire family. May the Lord Bring peace from heaven and comfort you all. Seeing family speak at the 40th reunion changed my life in so many ways. I will always be grateful.

Elaine Tavolacci wrote 
I noticed that no one mentioned Lorens father John Loren Sanford. He was a prophet affiliated with Bob Jones, Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Jim Baker, Mike Bickel and the Kansas City prophets, etc; He often ministered with John Paul Jackson. Some of you may be familiar with his books – The Elijah Task, Elijah among us, Transformation of the Inner man and many books on inner healing.
Stephen Spano wrote 
I am sorry for the loss but I guess psalm 91 did not help them and the blood of Jesus did not protect them from the virus. The church needs to pray and intercede for those in leadership , in ministry and in the body of Christ


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