Is Rachel Maddow Sick : Rachel Maddow Exposed to Covid : Rachel maddow Quarantine

By John Okoro | November 8, 2020

Is Rachel Maddow Sick : Rachel Maddow Exposed to Covid : Rachel maddow Quarantine

Rachel Maddow will come off the air after a close contact tested positive for exposure to coronavirus: “I’ve tested negative thus far, but will be at home quarantining ’til it’s safe for me to be back at work without putting anyone at risk”

GeminiTom 😈🏳️‍🌈💖🏳️‍🌈😈 Snarky & Cavalier! on Twitter: “Rachel @maddow has been fighting this fight with us for 4+ years and now she has to quarantine because she has been exposed to covid 🤦‍♂️ Typical 2020… But we appreciate EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE! WE LOVE YOU

celebrating during a time when Rachel was exposed to Covid. Their sign off brought me to tears.

Prayers and love for Rachel, her family and friends while in quarantine.

, she’s been exposed to Covid and suffers allergies. Rachel is a national treasure, we need her.
Be well Rachel Maddow.

Theresa Mihalko
When Rachel is exposed to COVID she isolates while waiting for her test results.

When the president’s team actually test positive for COVID they hide their results.

Rachel is a normal, responsible human being.

Be like Rachel.
Rachel Maddow being exposed to COVID during election week is so rude.

Dianna Lord
who RELENTLESSLY held the Trump admin accountable for the last 4 yrs??? SHE should be on air celebrating!!!!

Dr. Joanie Tool
in studio at MSNBC today. She so deserved to be there for this historic day. Good on her for being safe and responsible, self quarantined at home after being exposed to a COVID + close contact. ‘Watch what they do’@maddow

Oh, and MSNBC has been spotlighting the record setting number of people who tested positive for COVID today & Rachel Maddow got exposed and is doing the right thing by quarantining to make sure she doesn’t expose anyone if she ends up testing positive.

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