Ralph Hudson Death – Dead : Ralph Hudson  Obituary : Veteran Motorcycle Racer has Died.

By | September 9, 2020

Ralph Hudson Death – Dead : Ralph Hudson  Obituary : Veteran Motorcycle Racer has Died.

Veteran motorcycle racer Ralph Hudson has succumbed to injuries he suffered from a crash during a Speedweek event in Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah on August 14.

On September 8, the Southern California Timing Association posted on their Facebook page that Ralph Hudson, 69, has died surrounded by his son and Linda, his longtime best friend,  according to a statement posted online on September. 9, 2020 by amomama.com


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Linda Asbee wrote 

Good for him. We should all be so lucky as to die doing what we love. RIP.

Curt Curt wrote 

As a daredevil I know that’s the way he wanted to go. He lived a long life, almost 70 years old, he probably wanted to leave this world that way rather than dying a decrepit old man in some bed somewhere.

Brandon Branham wrote 
This seems to happen to everyone who does this sort of thing. They eventually crash and die.

Johnny Rivera wrote 
I’ll be 69 soon and am sitting back drinking daqueries on the beach. But cant balk at the guy, he did it his way. Like the frank sinatra song! Heres to the guy .. RIP!

Gustavo Restrepo wrote 
Underlying reason for death was covid… just waiting for The news to broadcast that bs. Seems like he was a bad ass good for him.

Jake wrote 
If your ass want to be part of mr knievel history go right ahead try it doing 252 mph is instant dam death dont try suicide live for other dam good days hell with trying to break a record your life is one period

Clifford Crawford wrote 
There is a point to where physics and engineering ends and the pilot life is determined by one ounce of pressure! At that point rationality leaves the equation..

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