Rapper Aaron Davis Bugzy Malone Involved in Motorbike Accident

By | March 26, 2020

Rapper Aaron Davis Bugzy Malone Involved in Motorbike Accident

Rapper Bugzy Malone has reportedly been hospitalised with “serious injuries” after an accident on a quad bike in Manchester.

Footage circulating on social media appeared to show the 29-year-old British rapper riding a quad bike with friends cheering him on. A second clip shows the same man lying on the ground following an apparent crash.

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Chris Jones †
No sympathy for bugzy malone in the slightest, the NHS is stretched enough as it is and he’s riding round streets like it’s a go kart track, you play silly games ya get silly prizes, dickhead.
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Bugzy Malone is currently fighting for his life and yet people are tweeting saying he doesn’t deserve treatment. Fuck off man
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Obviously prayers up for Bugzy Malone the crash was very serious and hope he gets better soon.. but at the same time such an idiotic move racing around when first he should be on lockdown, and now NHS have to help him when there under enough pressure already

Yeh, maybe it was Bugzy’s fault that he crashed. But you cannot complain at him for ‘wasting NHS’ time when your mum probably smokes 30 a day and gets put in ICU with lung cancer. What did you want them to do just leave him there to die? #bugzymalone
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U.K Gossip TV Flag of United Kingdom
Bugzy Malone unfortunately had a really bad motorcycle crash tonight. We’re unaware of his current status of his condition, but we’re sending our prayers out to him right now. Red heart

Regardless of if you think #BugzyMalone was in the wrong for being out on the roads or not!
If you wish another human being dead…Then you should probably stay in your house long after this lock down has been lifted!

Mario Falcone
Very confused as to why someone would film Bugzy Malone while he lay on the floor pouring with flood and shaken after a motorcycle accident?
First instinct would be to help, not get your phone out and film. Strange person.
Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Ryan S
The fact someone felt the need to film Bugzy Malone whilst he’s lay on the floor pouring with blood and badly injured. The lengths people go for some clout.

This bugzy malone stuff, if you have just watched a man lying half dead on the floor, struggling to speak and breathe; and your first comment is “why was he out” or “he deserves it” then you genuinely need to get away from twitter. Actual clapped.

Andy Brown
A rapper goes out in contravention of the lockdown rules, drives like a knob and crashes. He then needs the police and ambulance. Why is he being defended by some? The man’s an idiot who is wastin NHS time! #BugzyMalone
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Tom Carter
Imagine Ant McPartlin crashed that bike last night like Bugzy Malone. Im sure the reaction would be very different. Screams racism to me once again – some tweeters should be embarrassed. #BugzyMalone

Mainly Oasis
Why is Bugzy Malone flying about the streets during a lockdown anyway? Speeding thinking he’s the dogs bollocks. Now he’s took up a bed in the NHS at a very very difficult time. Bit pathetic if you ask me.
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Even if Bugzy Malone was driving recklessly. He is severely injured and needs to be looked after just like everyone else. Some of u man are very psychotic if ur saying u have no sympathy for him
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bugzy malone was on the floor bleeding out and fighting for his life but someone thinks it’s acceptable to take their phone out and start documenting it. these people ARE entitled to privacy. clout is so important to some people it’s crazy.

WBA Rainbow Stand
Does the #BeKind hashtag only work for Caroline Flack because I’m certainly not seeing kindness towards a gravely ill Bugzy Malone following his accident last night.

Zainab Shahid
For those saying Bugzy Malone is wasting NHS time & resources need to go get a few brain cells.
1. He didn’t intend to have an accident, hence it being an ACCIDENT.
2. That’s what NHS is used for
3. The man pays his taxes.

Hope bugzy Malone was going to work or doing his one exercise a day
Isaiah Brookes Flag of United StatesFlag of Trinidad & Tobago

Bugzy the only UK artist I follow the fact people are slating this man who is now probably fighting for his life is fucking shameful.Driving recklessly or not this man doesn’t deserve to die despite what’s going on in the world. Human beings are real pieces of shit #BugzyMalone.

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