#redforcody Trends After Cody Orlove Went Missing

By | September 10, 2021

What is red for cody ?

#ReadforCody is now trending on social media after Cody Orlove went missing since the last 48 hours.

People are retweeting the hashtag to help find cody afer his girlfriend Zoe releaved on Instagram that cody is missing. Please read our story on this : Cody OrLove Found or Still Missing : See What Happened

cody orlove missing

cody orlove missing

Moreover this is how people reacted to this hashtag #ReadforCody on twitter.

Rebecca Davis
Can someone please explain to me what happened with Cody orlove the YouTuber?! It’s all over instagram and I don’t understand #redforcody

#redforcody we need to help Zoe Laverne through this time, if y’all aren’t figuring it out, Cody OrLove went missing… stop hating on her and help! Spread this on your social medias and don’t give up on her

Lyla Williams
Cody Orlove went missing,but has been found in Orlando,Florida.However,Cody did not return home after being found. #redforcody

He said he’s safe and not to worry about him! But like I don’t think that’s a real account I think that that’s a fake account and I don’t want to believe it! #redforcody we miss you Cody if you see this just know that we miss you and we really want you home!

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The way that Zoe and Cody’s sister are acting is so strange. Posting pouty pictures with love heart hands and #redforcody when it’s only been a day and he seemingly left on his own accord. They’re not acting like they care about him but like they enjoy the attention


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