Ric Ocasek Death, Obituary : Hall of Fame Cars singer who fused pop, rock and New Wave into indelible hits, has died at the age of 75

By | September 16, 2019

Ric Ocasek, the Hall of Fame Cars singer who fused pop, rock and New Wave into indelible hits, has died at the age of 75.

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Hall of Fame singer behind “You Might Think,” “My Best Friend’s Girl” and “Good Times Roll” found dead in New York
  • Steven Hoskin Man, first Eddie Money and now Ric Ocasek! RIP and thanks for a lot of great memories in music. ;(
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  • David Bruce Very sad to hear. If you read about these things, Frank Black (of the Pixies) was inspired by the Cars, and Nirvana was inspired by the Pixies…cool lineage, but there was nothing better than riding around with the windows down in about 1979, singing, “my best friend’s girl (she used to be mine), YEAH-yeah.”
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  • Susi Lee Rest easy Ric.
    Your music was a huge part of my growing up. Memories 💗
  • Kris Lech My dad had an 8 track of Candy O. I listened to that over and over. Such a sad loss.
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  • Julie Brown This is sad but I have many many memories attached to this band, I shall look forward to reliving them as I listen again, so for that I am grateful RIP Ric thank you
  • Heather Caggiano So sad to hear this! I was huge Cars fan. Great memories whenever I hear their songs.
  • Cindy Cunningham Hadfield Well, this news just sucks. 💔 Good memories during an important time of my life though. Thanks for all the catchy hooks and tunes. Still love and listen to them.
  • Holly Thorne The very first song I ever remember hearing on the radio was You Might Think. I’ve always loved their music. This is very sad. 😞
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    Jay Wolk My heart is broken by this sad news. Met Ric and the band in an elevator in Minneapolis. He was so good to me. Invited me to their show that night. He was a great musician. The music world lost another great musician today. I will never forget Ric.. R.I.P. Ric Ocasek😢
  • Juliet Foulds Walters Oh, just loved The Cars…for decades loved hearing their songs. Such talent!. He was a good man too.
  • Kathleen Coleman 😪 Such a talent. The soundtrack of my teen years and beyond. RIP.
  • Andrea Giorgini “Drive” is in my own opinion one of the greatest songs of the 80s. R.I.P. Ric Ocasek.
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  • Venancia Hopkins Just What I Needed blew my mind when I was eight years old! Ric Ocasek was one of the greats! Always loved The Cars music! He is in heaven rocking out with Eddie Money, Prince and David Bowie! I am feeling all my music idols are just dying off! So sad See More
  • Bryan Sheehan Great band. Classic songs. Music I grew up to.
  • Deborah Ann Scheer 💔 The Cars were my soundtrack during my teens . Just What I needed…..there are no words. I know Benjamin welcomed him and they are jamming! 😭😭😭
  • Sonia Diaz The Cars were a great band. His voice was perfect for the new wave movement it almost sounded synthesized. May he rest in peace.
  • Amanda Alene My very first cassette tape was of The Cars. I listened to it over and over. Rest in peace, Ric Ocasek 💔
  • Rico Bondi The Cars changed the way I listened to music. RIP Ric.
  • Kerri Brady-Dickens I loved The Cars, in 1982 I called in to local radio station to win tickets for their concert, and I won the tickets, and all their albums. I was so happy, and I still have them! RIP Ric Ocasek!😥
  • Chad Luethje Between Ric and Eddie, big part of my youth died this week
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  • Armando Herrera I’m totally blown away by the talent we’ve lost in a matter of days apart..
    Rock and Roll has taken a heavy blow..once again..
    Damn..what a shame..See More
  • Kevin Hueholt What a sad sad day he was amazing even saw him do a solo show with kid rock in Iowa
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  • Marsha Rider Gruberman Loved The Cars music. Was in Cleveland when they were inducted into the Rock n’ roll hall of fame. RIP Ric
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  • Jesse Evans Amazing songwriter and producer. As a previous commenter here said, the Cars debut album was amazing! RIP, Mr. Ocasek.
  • Kris Klasne He was honorary Best Man at my long ago ’80s wedding. Chrissy Hynde was my Maid of Honor. It was a good time to be young and in love. THANKS RIC.
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  • Deborah Vela Oh, no! Loved his music growing up.🎶Let the good times roll…
  • Lee Sacks Linnell Oh no, I absolutely loved Ocasek and the Cars… 😢
  • Mary Claus Loved the Cars. No one else sounded like them. A sad day. 😢
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    Cindy Craven So sorry to hear this. Rest In Peace Ric Ocasek.
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    Diana Wright So incredibly sad and shocking. He and The Cars were my teenage years. Everything they put out was pure gold. RIP Ric. 🙏🏻💕 to his kids and Paulina.
  • Mark Finfrock Sadly, two tickets to paradise were punched in the past couple of days. RIP Ric Ocasek and Eddie Money
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  • Matthew Kenneth Gray Gutted. One of my songwriting heroes. RIPRICOCASEK
  • John White He and the Cars made rockabilly sound fresh, and punk and totally “new”. Genius. Godspeed Ric.
  • Edward Rodriguez Rest In Peace Ric Ocasek, I’m Sure Ben Orr Was There To Greet You At
    Heaven’s Gate.
  • Wendy Macleod I was a professional chauffeur in the 80’s The Cars were one of my favourite tapes I liked to play on trips. So many memories.
  • Danii Mann One of my favourite bands of all time.
  • Jim Morgan His solo, “This side of Paradise” was the first CD I ever bought. Still have it.
  • Tiffany Utz Unfortunately as we get older all the icons are dying. It comes in threes 😒
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  • Toney Woods R.I.P. Richard. Always loved the cars and always will. Tonight Benji is going to drive you home.
  • Nora Perron-Jones Thank you for your music, Ric. Hope someone’s brushing your rock n roll hair.
  • Karen Jordan Sequeira Ric Ocasek and The Cars were awesome and unforgettable
  • Giorgio Flessa Outstanding musician along with the late Benjamin Orr.
  • Jeffron Noel Author of much of the soundtrack of my youth. Shake it up on your next stop.
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  • Doug Chase The Cars were the soundtrack to my high school years
  • Marc Lemerand Arguably the greatest debut album of all time. Total bummer.
  • Allison Wilderspin I am completely shocked that Ric Ocasek was 75!!!!
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  • Marilee Morrow Damn a lot of the 80’s greatest musicians are dying, Prince, Robert Palmer, George Michael, Tom Petty, Eddie Money, and now Ric Osasek.
  • Moe Joe Moving in stereo is an epic song!
  • Joseph Wamack The first album is song after song a killer album
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    John Proctor Maybe he’s forming a band on the other side with Benjamin Orr.
  • Christopher C. MacMillan No better music to roller skate to as a kid in the early 80’s..
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  • Lee Sartain Milne Lots of great memories of The Cars music in our 80s aerobics classes.😢
  • Junya Kikuchi my favorite is just what i needed.
    he changed my image of American rock.
  • Gavin Ewoldt The Cars last album “Move Like This” a few years ago was the last CD I ever purchased. I was pleased for it to be released and remember thinking before if any new music would ever come out.
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    Stephen Kohut The Cars were such a cool band.
  • John Gahan Lost two voices from the soundtrack of our younger years in one weekend. Could’ve done without that.
  • Ray Geska A slice of life taken away with Money and Ocasek these past couple days. A sad day
  • Dominique Morrow Bummer, lost two great ones in a week. Loved the Cars, his song writing and distinctive singing. Condolences to family, friends and fans.
  • Kevin Barry Ocasek was 75??!!??
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    Marshall Pyle He had been me of the most classic personas… what a great voice!!! The stars will shine brighter in our skies!! RIP💜
  • Tim O’Malley 75! How did that happen?
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  • John McGough There is no denying the sound of the Cars debut album was a game changer. RIP Ric.
  • Mitch Myers Loved hearing Moving In Stereo in the new season of Stranger Things! So many timeless tunes!
  • Maria Chisari-Herrick Loved the The Cars and his voice, cant believe it ….sad
  • Lizzi Brooks Well, he left a great legacy. How many can say that? RIP
  • Bobby Jones Rest easy Ric, your music will live forever, so many songs, most of us consider you part of our landscape
  • Kim Merrill Moving to Heaven in Stereo! RIP Ric!
  • Ross Bolen If you asked God to make the perfect power pop record, with something all music scenes could love, striking a balance of forward movement and grand tradition…it would have to sound like The Cars debut record.
  • Kevin G Ferris The Cars were part of my soundtrack of my teen years….
  • Crista Denise Flenner Esparza How sad, 2 losses in music in 1 weekend. RIP Ric & Eddie. 💜💜
  • Jairo Gavilan The end of this great Back Bay Boston band- will be missed- condolonces to Ric’s family
  • Eric Cartner Who’s going to drive you home tonight?
  • David Elliott Ric truly “Let the Good Times Roll”! RIP.
  • Scott Powell Now we will never really know who’s going to drive you home tonight
  • Chip Marshall “You might think I’m crazy, but all I want is you . . . “ His “You Might Think” was made up of simple, rhyming lyrics that equated to a crush that every guy or girl could relate to. It came to mind the second I read this. Prayers, love and peace go out to his. Thanks for your music, Mr. Ocasek.

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