Ricci Ellsworth Death Minnesota : Jury Sentenced Michael Rimmer to Death for Killing his Girlfriend

By | May 30, 2020

Ricci Ellsworth Death Minnesota : Jury Sentenced Michael Rimmer to Death for Killing his Girlfriend

A jury again sentenced Michael Rimmer to death Saturday in the killing of his former girlfriend who disappeared 19 years ago from her job as a night clerk at a Memphis motel.

Rimmer, 50, was sentenced to death in 1998 and at a resentencing in 2004 in the killing of 45-year-old Ricci Ellsworth. A new trial was ordered in 2012 after a judge found Rimmer’s defense counsel failed to effectively investigate the capital case. Read Full Story 


Ron wrote 
Um some do as u just showed. So whats your point here? I’m all for their peaceful protest. That’s how it should be done.

Naughtius Maximus wrote 
How many centuries do they need they need to peacefully protest to not be targeted by racism/bigotry? Peaceful protest sure is a lot easier for you to ignore.

Ron wrote 
Still sounds like an excuse. But ok go commit arson theft and vandalism and see that that doesn’t help your cause and just makes it harder for everyone and sets back the triumphs of the people who do things the right way. And makes things worse for people in general. Disappointed but relieved face

Wes G Poet wrote 
Okay Batman, what would you recommend the black community do after decades of peaceful protests clearly haven’t sparked any change?

What in your infinite wisdom do you believe will actually move the needle? Cause it hasn’t moved yet. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Ron wrote 
I’m not the one who started this as a race thing. It could have just as unfortunately been any other person of any race that could have died. He just happened to have been black. Either way what happened would have been tragic no matter the color of their skin

Shaun Bellamy wrote 
WTF? That’s not the point. When it is constantly a BLACK unarmed male or woman being killed for bullshit reasons, it becomes more than “unfortunate.” You can’t use that “Oh it would of been tragic either way, when no other race is dealing with this bullshit.

Hey clown, do some research. This was something that happened in 1997. RICCI ELLSWORTH was killed by her boyfriend Michael Rimmer

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2 thoughts on “Ricci Ellsworth Death Minnesota : Jury Sentenced Michael Rimmer to Death for Killing his Girlfriend

  1. Terry L. Haigler

    Dennis Villanueva,
    Except that isn’t a picture of Ricci Ellsworth. It is however a picture of Justine Ruszczyk. And she was in fact killed by a black cop. She was unarmed. She was actually in he pj’s. She had called for help, and the cop gunned her down. The cop ended up with 12 and a half years.


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