Ricky Texada Death : Pastor Ricky Texada of the Covenant Church has died .

By | September 10, 2021

Ricky Texada Death : Pastor Ricky Texada of the Covenant Church has died .

We are sad to report that Pastor Ricky Texada of the Covenant Church has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on August 30. 2021.

Timothy Ayers 9h  · Ricky Texada!! A friend & colleague on Covenant Church staff for many years. Probably, the most impactful youth pastor and boss for my two children of anyone I know. I can still remember, many years ago, when he first joined Covenant Church, on 2040 Denton Drive, in Carrollton, Texas. He and I met while competing on the volleyball court. I kept thinking how athletic and so nice of a person he was. I was so proud and thankful when he became Senior Pastor at Covenant Church. He was the most loyal man to Pastor Hayes, to all us pastors, and the Covenant congregation every second he was on staff in any position he held as he rose up the ranks. Ricky did not ever strive for becoming the senior pastor. He attained that role, I believe, because he was a decent human being and God chose and anointed him for that pastoral position. Ricky and I shared sorrow when his first wife, Debra, passed on to Glory in a car accident. We also shared sorrow when my first wife, Sally, became the choir director of heaven. Life can be a puzzle sometimes but Almighty God holds the pieces. “What a day of rejoicing it will be when we all see Jesus,” at, “Heaven’s Jubilee.” Pastor Ricky is with Jesus now at that place where so many I’ve known in this life have graduated. I pray for Cyd, and their 2 wonderfully gifted boys. It’s a very sad time but a Glorious Day for such an awesome man. I was so honored to have experienced many years and wonderful moments with such a Christian and gentleman as Ricky Texada! 281281 96 Comments 18 Shares Like Comment Share

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Yvonne Henrie Maxwell wrote
When you met him you knew God’s hand was upon him. That he was going to great things for the kingdom of God. I know he will be missed. Prayers for comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding.
James Travis Sales wrote
Incredibly sad. Our hearts are heavy for you and the family and church.
Don Barber wrote
I remember when he and Debra first joined. Life has taken so many turns over the years, yet he remained steadfast loving God and serving everyone with the purest passion. Heaven welcomed a great man home today!!!.
I remember distinctly that volleyball game because he almost seemed to hang in the air. Remarkable athletic ability, but a far greater man of God. We know he’s with the Father, but it’s still difficult to process, and I haven’t spoken to him in over 25 years. I just know who he is and what he means to the Covenant Church family.
Rhonda Ruffin wrote
He sure loved my daughter. She was 4 years old and very shy. She broke away from me And down to him tugged at his pant leg. He looked down and there she was looking up at him. Apparently she stole his heart. They became forever friends. We loved him.
Phil Phillips wrote
I remember the day he came on staff and when his office was next to mine. Always loved Pastor Ricky and I know how deeply saddened the people have to be by his untimely departure. I am praying that God will grant the Covenant Church family the strength you will need to face this sad occasion, and that The Perfect Father will give you the supernatural comfort and healing for the loss of your beloved Pastor and friend.
Ray Prosise wrote
Ricky was a great Man of God and mentor to so many young and old. He was such an encourager. Always there with guidance, wisdom and a fun way of making a person think it through.
I’m sure he’s having fun with Jesus!
We will miss your Sunday messages.

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