Riley Gale Death : Power Trip Lead singer Has Dies at 35

By | September 20, 2020

Riley Gale Death : Power Trip Lead singer Has Dies at 35

Riley Gale, who is best known as the lead singer of thrash metal band Power Trip, died Monday night at the age of 35, according to a statement posted online on Aug. 25, 2020.

The band shared the news in a statement on their Twitter account on Tuesday.

Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on of caused death . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Overkill wrote on Facebook. 

We are saddened to hear this shocking news. RIP brother. Thoughts go out to you guys, and Riley’s friends and family

Jim Grassiano wrote
Me and my son are just devastated…heartbroken. Daniel really loved Riley. Riley was always so kind to my boy. At Exit 111, y’all rocked the place to the core. Daniel went up to Riley and hugged him. Riley remembered Daniel. He’s got pictures of Riley and Power Trip on his wall. Daniel is so upset. We both are. Peace. Love. R.I.P., brother. Won’t ever forget you.

Frankie Seance wrote
Thank you power trip, our hearts are heavy for the loss of riley. Strength to you all .
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Gabe Garduno wrote
Last year in Denver my cousin his fiance and myself had the honor of bringing Riley and the Power Trip dudes Thanksgiving dinner. He was so excited to have us bring dinner to them, he constantly thanked us and gave us a shout out during their set thanking us again and saying that he lives for fans like us.

That was and probably will forever be one of my greatest moments in life. The smile on his face says it all. He truly was one of the most humble musicians I’ve ever met. It’s such a loss for the metal community, his mates and family. You will forever be missed
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Jared Monk wrote
You guys absolutely blew my mind back in 2016 when I first saw Power Trip. Didn’t know anything about ya’ll. Instantly became a fan and was lucky enough to catch y’all 3 more times. I’ll never forget partially injuring myself in the pit when y’all opened up for Cannibal Corpse a few years ago. I also met Riley that night. This just ins’t fair. Such a down to earth and humble guy. So much talent gone too soon.

Michael Mario Jochum wrote
I still can’t comprehend this. I’m so greatful I could call you a friend of mine. No one will ever be able to fill your shoes. EVER. Being there from the beginning I got to see you young dudes mature and grow into the trend setters you became. I never got to say goodbye. You are an artist who’s fire will forever burn bright. Legendary and a humble god amongst men. Your legacy will never die and your words will ring out forever my good friend. Hails eternally Riley Gale

Ken Bründle wrote
Me and my boy with Riley on the Cannibal Corpse tour.
He made us take the picture twice because he wanted to make sure we got a picture with him that we were happy with and he took time to talk with my son.
May you find rest Little Jumpy Mane and then find Lemmy and have a damn good time!
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Joe Murray wrote
I haven’t been in this much shock before since Dimebag passed…. this one is the hardest that’s hit me personally since Dime tbh…I’ve been crying the last half hour man, he was the NICEST fucking dude when I met him, he listened to my old bands ep when I met him after a set in queens in 2015 and just talked to me about music, Pantera and life.

Jerry Monk II wrote
Absolutely gutted. My first and only time seeing you guys was here in Dallas at the Bomb Factory opening up for Lamb of God. Had no idea who y’all were and was instantly hooked. Then finding out you guys are from Dallas made me fall in love even more. R.I.P.

Andreas Sundberg wrote
I wish I had a better picture.
But Power Trip made me mosh and headbang so hard, that I couldn’t manage to get one. I had so much fun that I couldn’t focus on taking pictures.
Riley Gale was a fantastic frontman. Riley owned the stage, every little inch of it. He roared like a lion, jumped, headbanged and swung his mic like a maniac.

He gave us his all. For him, it was another day on the road. For us, it was one of the best gigs we’ve ever seen.
Riley, you were a huge inspiration for me, how I (try to) act and move and sound on stage. Watching you was pure joy. I loved every minute of it, I really did.
Rest in peace Riley. You left us so suddenly. I’ll never forget you and what you did for me (you’ll know what I’m talking about)

Irving Rocha wrote
I fucking regret not saying Hi at the Berkeley show last December. I was so shy cause you literally changed my life with your lyrics. I felt like I was going to embarrass my self by approaching you. It breaks my hart to know that we won’t see you preform again. Rest in Power Riley i already miss you alot brother.

Terry James wrote
i will never forget when I meet you at cracker barrel on a sunday Madison Wisconsin
Was standing in line to pick up my food..when is saw this metalhead dude..was like you look like your on tour..the dude was like yah me and my band are..

I was like whats your band name and he siad power trip
I was hungover brighten my day i was like holy shit bro I was listening to you guy last night well getting wasted you guys have made thrash fucking awsome again..
keep in mind this was a packed Sunday morning..

Justin Press wrote
My utter condolences. I remember some great conversations in the family garage when I delivered to the house. Thought provoking and sincere gentleman. The music world lost an absolute true believer on the cusp. Many lost a great soul. My best to the Gale family and the band.
Rest in Power.

Richard George wrote
Im sooo sorry for your guys loss. You have many people thinking of you moving forward stay strong The first time I saw and heard you guys was when you opened up for the Misfits in Chicago and man you guys blew everyone away you were the best act of the night by far. I was lucky to see you guys again the next year with High on Fire in Chicago again and you guys are one of the best bands I ever saw live such energy.

Michael I. Bouteneff wrote
saw y’all open for Anthrax and LoG at the Hammerstein Ballroom a couple years back. Riley’s energy was immediately engaging and got all of us headbanging despite being the opener of 4-5 bands. Rest in Power homie.

Bri wrote
What do I even say that hasn’t already been said? I am absolutely gutted. It was a pleasure to meet you & I am so happy my ex talked me into speaking with you in LA at the Metal & Beer Fest, as I was nervous to be a bother. But you were the most approachable & kind guy EVER. Had a great time chatting with you & I am so glad I got to see you live 3 times over the course of that year. My heart aches for your family, friends & bandmates. Rest in Power, Riley. You were a gem of a human.

Michael Edward Casillas wrote
There was only one of you. And we will celebrate for the rest of our lives how lucky we all were to sharein and witness your passion live in such a way that impacted thousands near and beyond. Rest in Power, legend.

Rafael Steele wrote
Man, dude. I am devastated by this news much like everyone else is. I was fortunate enough to met Riley at The Regent Theater and watch Power Trip perform at the Battle of The Bays tour with Exodus and Obituary.

Thank you, Riley for your contributions in metal music, being a friend of many of us metalheads from all walks of life, and as a fellow Texan myself. Thank you for keeping the Texas metal scene kicking a whole lot of ass. Here’s a lot of Black Tooth Grin for you, brother! The Riley Special is in order tonight. Hails to you, dude! .
Lastly, thank you for signing my Texan flag.


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