Riverdale Luke Perry Death: Riverdale Remembers Luke Perry with Tribute

By admin | October 10, 2019

The series was one of the last projects Perry worked on in his storied career. Colleagues, co-stars and fans watching at home paid tribute to his life and work with a special episode Wednesday night.

This is how fans reacted to this news.

Tonight, season 4 premieres and it is the most important episode we’ve ever filmed. A tribute to our friend and father Luke Perry. Please tune in if you can

tonight is the season premiere of riverdale season 4 and also our episode honoring our beloved Luke. Every single person who works on this show put their heart and soul into this episode. We miss you everyday Luke. Hope you guys love it as much as we do.

Though tonight’s episode of was written with heavy hearts, we’re excited to finally share our tribute to the brilliant Luke Perry with the world. This one’s for you, Fred.

Season premiere of tonight. Thank you to the musicians and team who helped us honor Luke Perry with our score for this special episode.

I’m really speechless I didn’t stop crying though the whole episode. you felt the love that the crew and cast had for Luke in this episode. it was beautiful well done and hit me right in the heart! Beautiful tribute! Rest easy, and fly Luke Perry! Always in our hearts

was and always will be the BEST parent on . Archie’s character is so selfless and honorable and it’s because Fred raised him to be that way. It’s never going to be the same without Fred but I’m happy that Mary is back now to be there for Archie.

honestly sobbed all the way through the premiere of #Riverdale, but especially those last couple of minutes with the flashbacks of Luke Perry

I legit can’t think of a better way to honor Luke Perry’s memory than Shannen’s casting and this moment right here

Shannen Doherty’s performance was so shockingly powerful, even in just the minute she was on screen. You felt the weight of her history with Luke Perry, the kids history with him through the show… It was everything #Riverdale

In the premiere of @CW_Riverdale, the gang of troublemaking teens plucked from the pages of the Archie comics, take a break from staving off bears, inciting turf wars, and spontaneously bursting into song to pay tribute to Luke Perry
‘Riverdale’ Premiere Delivers Touching Tribute to Luke Perry
The fourth season premiere of CW’s “Riverdale,” titled “In Memoriam,” saw the teen…

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