Robert Bechtle Death – Dead : Robert Bechtle Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

By | September 25, 2020

Robert Bechtle Death – Dead : Robert Bechtle Obituary : California Photorealist Painter Has Died.

Robert Bechtle has died, according to the following statements posted on social media on September. 22 2020.

“The Art Newspaper on Twitter: “Robert Bechtle, the California photorealist painter whose meticulous works gave wonder to the everyday, has died, aged 88. A lifelong Bay Area resident, Bechtle captured the unique light and wonder of the community ”


Rick Prol wrote 
On one level photo realism in general for me does Nothing. I can admire skill of this kind or what ever you want to call it just so much. It’s just not my cup o tea. I liked some Richard Estes and some of Chuck Close, early Steve Posen but many simply bore me to death. Oh and yes, some of Bechtle is very interesting.

Al McLean wrote 
Oh man the best! He had a weird thing for Chevy Novas, though this painting features a 1962 Pontiac Tempest

Mark Staff Brandl wrote 
The tipped-up car and bleached out “bad photo” color are impressive. Maybe a slight wink to Cézanne, among much else.

Peter Frank wrote 
More than most – photo-realists and realists in general – Bechtle could wring the sublime from the banal.

Francisco J. Acosta wrote 
I was roommates with a guy who did this. I was always amazed by his work. What a loss of talent.

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Harry ‘Nic’ Nicholas wrote 
i went through a period of thinking “i have nothing to say, but want to say something” and tried my hand at copying photos, i did some respectable things. these guys, there was a whole corral of styles, were my inspiration though, i think mine started with dali envy though.

Janice Druian wrote 
Has to be SF…. brings back memories from my childhood…. when I
was in art
school PhotoRealism was in…. as a result, 50 years later I have the hardest time getting rid of hard edges.

Jenny Windsor wrote 
Saw a show of his work at the Corcoran Museum years ago. I had never really liked photo realism but loved his work. His brushwork is amazing and does not reproduce well.

Mary Sharpe wrote 
This is such an interesting thread. I like some photorealistic paintings, not others. For me, categorising by style is not helpful. Of these, I particularly like the more empty ones. I don’t know why. They are certainly very different from a photograph- I don’t think I would ever want a photo of a street with a couple of windows and doors in it on my wall. But I love that painting and I am sure I would love it more if I was in front of it. So is it the medium which is more important? Or the eye and craft of the painter?

Jérôme Piroué wrote 
I have a book full of photoreallists (“Photorealism” by Meisel) and facinated me in it is that each artists has his own style.

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