Robert Mugabe Death, Obituary : Former President of Zimbabwe Has Died at 95

By admin | September 6, 2019

Zimbabwe Strongman Robert Mugabe dies in Singapore at the age of 95.

Robert Mugabe, the former president of Zimbabwe who was ousted from power in a military coup after ruling the African nation for close to four decades, has died.

A report on Zimbabwean news site ZimLive said Mr Mugabe died this morning in a hospital in Singapore.

He had ruled Zimbabwe since 1980 and was the world’s oldest head of state before his dramatic exit two years ago.

Zimbabwean president, Emmerson Mnangagwa confirms the death of former president. 



This following video clip highlights the reign from Robert Mugabe from 1980 when his first took over power in Zimbabwe.

Comments and Reactions

People reacted to his death on social media , the following are what people posted on twitter after the news broke that Mugabe is dead.
CReol Sumter
Crispy Jay Wow She was my Role model i took a picture with him RIP Robert Mugabe Uzalo will never be the same without you.

Harris Tim
Harris Tim RIP comrade africa will miss this states man always fight for others not himself

Shubham Vilayatkar
Shubham Vilayatkar Was he good person ? According to what had happened in between him and Henry Olonga , Flower ! He was surely not good person

Jay Gannon
Jay Gannon Good riddance. Glad he helped Zimbabwe to independence but after that he was clearly unfit to lead.

Squbu Bugatti KaJubane
Squbu Bugatti KaJubane Glad to heard this devil has disappeared from the face of the earth. He cause too much suffering to Zimbabweans. Now they are refuges world over. Thank you creator for recalling this remorseless creature.

Sylvest Frank
Sylvest Frank One of his quote:” if you have attended 100 weddings and still remained single, you are not different from a canopy “.

Wayne Snyman
Wayne Snyman Best news! My heart goes out to the millions of people whose lives he ruined, and who never got the justice they deserved.

Akinwale Keji
Akinwale Keji R. I. P BOB hate him or love him, he was the farther of the the modern Zimbabwe 🇿🇼. my condolences to the good people of Zimbabwe.

Nonso Brendan
Nonso Brendan So finally Mugabe is dead!! Thought he owns the world? He wanted to rule forever… Anyways may his soul rest in peace.

Nicole-Ann Naidoo
Nicole-Ann Naidoo Which world were people living in to ever think that this was a man of valor or a great leader.

Victor Jackson
Victor Jackson May he Rest in Peace but many suffered and died in his era.Innocent blood was shed,human rights were violated and white people were treated as dead dogs by Mugabe and his government.

Alex Vundi
Alex Vundi Mugabe made many Zimbabweans live in exile for a long time, may his soul also live in exile in the next life!.

Bala Haruna
Bala Haruna A whole era has gone with the former freedom fighter.. Love him or dislike him..he is no longer with the living.. In any case he had left a legacy of pan Africanism.. Indeed, he tried his best for his people! The forces against him are numerous… Yet, he fight the imperialist with iron word’s and action… Farewell Mugabe to eternity.

Gary Rine
Gary Rine He was an Evil man . He is not in Heaven . He ruined Zimbabwe ( Rhodesia ) . The United Methodist Church stands Guilty for not standing up to Robert Mugabe .

Chulliyill Rajeev
Chulliyill Rajeev All his later life controversies can not detract from the fact that he liberated Zimbabwe from Colonial rule. He was a great leader.

Omeiza Festus
Omeiza Festus Rest on Mugabe..he was good to some and bad to some.yes ,can’t satisfy all
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Aliyu Smith Almusawi
Aliyu Smith Almusawi Mugabe has left us at the time we are in dire need of his expertise to end xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Rest in peace, sir. We will miss you forever

Jackson Kamkusa Kasimba Mughandira Is this true? You guys better stop joking. This is a very sensitive issue.

Sibongakonke Zaca Its sad too hear the passing of our beloved leader President Robert Mugabe,may god comfort his family And his comrade whn we mourn our greats freedom fighter may his soul rest in peace

Kwena Shadrack
Kwena Shadrack RIP my President you fought for Africa and you gave your people land but they decided to go other countries become refuges.

Rowland Kay Kanwaye
Rowland Kay Kanwaye African representative. The only man that could call them red neck and pink nose. R.I.P Legend.

Lovemore Masvosve Murava
Lovemore Masvosve Murava All of a sudden pple are saying Mugabe rip, eish. I know its coz most of these comments are from pple who have never been at the receiving end of Mugabe, this guy killed a lot of innocent pple, why do we proclaim lies yet the entire Zimbabwe z suffering coz of him, he z dead just like the ones he killed.

Kumkanikazi U Nandi
Kumkanikazi U Nandi Uyimoshile ke la Zimbabwe sheim! We now have over 3 million Zimbabweans in South Africa because of this man’s MESS. His death is such a pain because he leaves behind a horrible legacy.

Derek Sotheby
Derek Sotheby He drove the Zimbabwean ship of state onto a reef where it foundered. One less corrupt autocrat in the world.

Michael Anania-Bernal
Michael Anania-Bernal An authoritarian despot finally withers after driving his county into ruin, fracturing the notion of democracy, and erecting himself as a fiendish dictator. Good riddance.

Kaiser Tamiz Amin
Kaiser Tamiz Amin Like many world leaders he had two faces – that of a passionate, devoted, courageous nationalist and freedom fighter and later of a monomaniacal bully and intolerant, bloodthirsty tyrant. We need to put his life and contributions in perspective.

Alexandra Tuck Having friends that had there farm took off them and had to leave there beloved home and country…the Devil looks after his own.

Cadre Omujugujugu Moses
Cadre Omujugujugu Moses Cde Mugabe was an icon of liberation, a pan-Africanist who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people. His contribution to the history of our nation and continent will never be forgotten. May his soul rest in eternal peace (2/2)

Pip Cannon
Pip Cannon What fantastic news to wake up to. A truly hideous human being who will only be missed by other hideous human beings. I hope my beautiful birthland can begin to recover from decades of murder and famine. Good riddance.

Tony Reis
Tony Reis Why couldn’t he die in his own country, a hospital in Zimbabwe? I wonder why?  No one lived in peace during his rule, so I cannot say Rest in Peace, more like hell.
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Muluuta Fredie
Muluuta Fredie My deep condolences goes to the pipo of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole,Africa has lost one of the best brands of leaders of our times!may His soul rest in Peace.

Joe Akinola
Joe Akinola “The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish…” – Charlie Chaplin. RIP Mugabe!

Jeson Simon Kamanga
Jeson Simon Kamanga One of the greatest African leaders who was not afraid to speak his mind especially when it’s comes to the British… R.I.P…. African soldier

Kelvin Pumulo
Kelvin Pumulo Nothing in this life is permanent. Time and misfortune catches up with us eventually. Old Bob has lived his life to the full.

Rodgers Kadiso Banda
Rodgers Kadiso Banda A Hero has gone! Jounery well the True son of Africa Robert Mugabe.

Christine Aresca
Christine Aresca I feel nothing for this man that did so much for our country but he alone diminished his Legacy. Now he will meet the highest ruler and be judged now the truth will come out now he will pay.

Cetric King Mluhya
Cetric King Mluhya To the peoples of Zimbabwe we join you in this time of sorrow as you morn the passing on of your founding father of the nation Robert Mugabe this morning.

Summer Rose
Summer Rose The end of the Mugabe era. The only era our generation has ever known. Rest in peace.

Eddie Carr
Eddie Carr What a horrible individual, brought so much terror and devastation.

IJ Adebayo
IJ Adebayo Unbelievable, so someone like Mugabe can die? Whichever position we finds ourselves lets use it to serve humanity positively , then we can be remember for good deeds.

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