Robert Steele Death – Obituary News : Former Marine, CIA case officer Robert David Steele has died .

By | September 17, 2021

Robert Steele Death – Obituary News : Former Marine, CIA case officer Robert David Steele has died .

We are sad to report that Robert David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity, has passed away.  His death was announced on social media on August 29th by @ameliahappinessguru with the following statement.

Today I was told that a real angel had gone to heaven .
Robert David Steele has sadly passed away. He was a great man, one of the best. His heart was solid gold and his work to expose evil was unstoppable. We Love you Robert, please continue to guide us from the other side. So proud to have been able to call you my friend.
This is such a massive loss for humanity and for Gods army. I’m heart broken, you will be so deeply missed. Rest In Peace sir. You were an inspiration. Love you

Who is Robert David Steele

Steele started off as a Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer. After four years on active duty, he joined the CIA for about a decade before co-founding the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, where he was deputy director. Widely recognised as the leader of the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) paradigm, Steele went on to write the handbooks on OSINT for NATO, the US Defense Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Special Operations Forces. In passing, he personally trained 7,500 officers from over 66 countries. According to his profile by the Guardian News.


How did Robert David Steele die? Did he died  from Covid-19 or was he murdered?

There are speculations on social media that Dr. David Steele an anti vaxxer may have died from the Covid-19 virus. Some by the name David Nino Rodriguez posted on Facebook that he was sent to the hospital for covid-19 . He demanded alternative therapies but they ignored his wishes and sedated him and put him on ventilator before he died.

Some one also claimed he was murdered for exposing the government.

Sebastian Williams wrote on Facebook.
Robert David Steele , murdered by the Deep State for exposing their pedagore, child tortures and murders harvesting Adrenachrome blood … The Deep State poisoned the air duct system at one of The Arise USA stops which made everyone sick and murdered Patriot , Robert David Steele .

The official  cause of his death has not be released to the general public as at the time of this publication.

Condolences – Comments and Reactions.


Stephanie Marie Zabski 43m  · RIP Mr. Robert David Steele A true hero exposing the evil & corruption in this world & all governments. May we all keep your legacy alive by carrying on your work exposing the cabal !

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Stacy Gauthier wrote
So sad I just got to see him in Snohomish, Wa. on his tour. He had such great energy and patriotism. Standing for the Children. Standing for Freedom.. RIP Robert David Steele.

Alison Katz wroteIn peace may he rest and transform into the energy that helps us continue his mission. May we all celebrate him and his journey.Diane Connors wrote
He exposed human trafficking, child sacrifices, adrenochrome , I believe he was taken out for telling the truth

Misty Ann wrote
Steady, it’s likely to get mind-blowing dark due to all the misplaced worshipping taking place. Sadly, in the wake of the great awakening I foresee a rude ending for Trump followers. I respect what he’s trying to accomplish but too many look upon him a Jesus second coming. Until everyone realizes Jesus is within ourselves, We have the power to stop this madness & own up to our own shortcomings & step up to the plate; it’s gonna get truly scary for those in doubt of their own sovereignty.

Becky Kay Stratton wrote
So sorry to hear this. I didn’t like it when I heard they put him on a ventilator. RIP good and faithfyl servant.

Nancy Anderson wrote
Omg! I’m shocked this is so sad! My deepest condolences to his family may God rest his soul!

Lucy Gomes wrote
A great patriot and a powerful voice. May he rest in Peace in the Glory of Heaven.

Maria Marz wrote
Whoa! He was such a great Patriot, Rest In Peace Robert David Steele! Thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Annmarie Hicks wrote
Awww, I love that man, he was a hero for all of us! RIP, sir!! Deepest condolences to his family n fellow truthspreaders! Xo

Noelle Meyer wrote
Oh no!!! My heart hurts hearing this. So many thoughts running through my head. May his soul continue on its eternal journey with many blessings. So grateful for all he taught and showed us all.

Jannett E Terrazas Aguirre wrote
Very sad news, I still can’t believe it. Rest in peace Patriot Steele

Laura Acosta wrote
I had no idea he was sick!
He never revealed any sickness n any of his emails.

Conway Brandon So wrote
He’s a light worker whose time has come to return home. Bless him, LORD for all the light he had shined in this realm.

Annmarie Hicks
Well I know Scott Mckay, said a bunch of them thought something was in the air ducts, at one of the stops on the tour!! They all got sick

Merri Dallas wrote
Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page, [29.08.21 20:25]
Robert David Steele…. One of the strongest and Wisest Patriots I knew!!!
Rest in peace. Thank you for RED PILLING the masses and standing strong against human trafficking, child pedophilia… And EXPOSING the SATANIC Elite governments around the WORLD!!!
This year Robert Steele gave an interview.. Stating he wasn’t afraid to die, fighting for Child trafficking and EXPOSING the SATANIC Elite….
///May we all have a heart of STEELE like David!!!

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Death & Obituary

Death & Obituary


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