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By | November 18, 2021

This is a developing story that roger phillips may have passed away, according to some statement posted on social media on November 18. 2021.

Ellen Walsh Moorman 3h  · Mycophile, Roger Phillips has passed away. A passionate, enigmatic and inspirational advocate of engaging with the world around us. Anyone who has spent even minutes in his company or read one of his many books will certainly have been changed for the better. A great loss. Rest in peace Roger Phillips 16/12/1932 – 15/11/2021

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Andy Overall
2h ·
News is beginning to filter through on the sad passing of Roger Phillips, 89.
I don’t think there can be anyone who has even a fleeting interest in fungi that hasn’t pored over the pages of Rogers book on Mushrooms, to try find a fungus they have found.
It was certainly the first book I bought on the subject, back in the early 1990’s.
He was a pioneer, who introduced and opened up the world of fungi to so many people. His books on Trees, Mosses & Lichens followed in the same vein but never touched the pulse in the way his book on mushrooms did, yet they certainly deserved to.
I never met Roger but I know many on this group would have, via his forays or through working with him.
I’m sure some of you would like to share your memories.

Yep, what can I say, a fellow natural history and commercial photographer. My stars that I met when I worked in Fleet St – Heather Angel, a Stephen Dalton, got to work with David Spears on Nature In Focus and many more doyens and pioneers of the sixties, seventies and later

We used 5×4 large format gear as commercial photographers for products and the like which gave superb reproduction quality in magazines, brochures and exceptionally, in Roger’s case, for photographing Fungi. This was well before photos hop so the sets had to be perfectly clean and accurately laid out, so Roger brought together his great interest in Fungi with studio down time, which all commercial studios have – it was an ideal situation. I use a similar approach, having also worked commercially, but build outdoor looking sets, these double as stills sets and also time lapse movie sets – different style, but same techniques.

Simon Harding
Sad news indeed, Roger Phillips work has been an inspiration for many. There are very few people in the “Mycological world” and beyond that will leave behind such an amazing legacy as this man. He was the author of my first book on the subject, I wonder “What would I have done without “Mushrooms”?

Very sad news. I have several of his books, and his mushrooms book was the first non-bird book I bought back in the early 90s. Now a very well thumbed book on my shelf.

Roger signed my book when he did a ‘foray’ in the forest. Alan Lucas is also credited having provided specimens for his photographs. His books gave us inspiration.

Very sad to hear that such an inspirational person has gone. “Phillips” was my first fungus book too

One of my first books and full of notes in the margins with dates and find locations which I still refer to when planning forays. Sad news.

I got a number of his great books. I think my late father got me one of his fungi books when i was a kid.

As a child I used to go through his books and draw the fungi.

This is sad. Its been a horrible year for losing fungal experts and enthusiasts, losing Tom Hering and Richard Iliffe in the Midlands and now this.

His “Mushrooms” book was my intro too and I still open it regularly. What a wonderful ambassador for mycology, he will be very sadly missed but never forgotten

Sorry to hear that. one of his books was the first fungi book I ever bought.

I remember him with fond memories, he attended all the BMS forays while compiling his book. In the corner of the workroom he had a cardboard house with four walls and pitched roof so that he did not get any shadows on his photographs. And out in the field he would get very exited about his finds especially Cortinarius, from my memory I can still here him shouting out to others nearby, It’s a CORT It’s a CORT. I went to his book launch party in London, but unfortunately I can’t remember too much about it. I probably had too many free drinks.

Fantastic contribution to study of the natural world. I have quite a few of his books but it was his guide to fungi that was my Bible for decades. Apparently a lovely man too, though I never met him he was a relative of my ex partner…

What a great guy. I used his book in North America and also have his European Mycology.

Dan Rhys Price
Very sad – but what a wonderful legacy. My copy of Phillips is especially cherished, and it is always yielding new discoveries.



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