Rosimar Rodríguez Gómez Death -Dead – Obituary : Woman Kidnapped and Killed in Porto Rico.

By | September 29, 2020

Rosimar Rodríguez Gómez Death -Dead – Obituary : Woman Kidnapped and Killed in Porto Rico.

The Bureau of Forensic Sciences (NCF) confirmed Monday afternoon that the body found in Dorado the day before is that of the young woman Rosimar Rodríguez Gómez, who had been kidnapped from her home in Toa Baja on September 17., according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today September 29, 2020.

Rosimar Rodríguez Gómez Cause of Death.

We have not cause of the information for the deceased right now, this story will be updated once we have that information.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Mary Cardenales wrote 
Today all of Puerto Ricans hearts are broken, because of Rosimar’s dead. May she rest in peace and the family receives comfort.

Zory Kenner wrote 
I’m from Puerto Rico and proud, but a lot of times I’m a shame of some the bad things that goes on. It brakes my hart . I’m 70 years old and way back then things were more simple. I’m sad that everything is so sad naw days . 🏝love my Island , God Bless her .

David Fonseca wrote 
My heart goes out to her family these is news you never want to hear , but I also been in Puerto Rico for a few years and never heard of kidnapping young kids and in front of your home something doesn’t seem to add up . Someone should look into this . Rip sweet angel I hope they find out who did this .

Ellie Gutierrez wrote 
David this is the saddest news any country or family can receive. Dear Lord, what is driving our islanders to kill each other and for what??? This family will have to live with this memory forever and so will we. We have to place all our efforts in bringing the guilty parties to justice.

Leenah Pares Torrellas wrote 
Maybe this wouldnt had this end, if police learn to take the cases seriusly…. why wait so many hours to start looking for a person…every minute counts. A minute can make a diference.

Gabriela Santiago wrote 
We still have candidates running for Governor that don’t believe this is an issue. Women are being slaughtered, and we continue wondering why. The “machista” culture in Puerto Rico is alive and well.

Luz Millie Olaizola Berrios wrote 
With SOoo much sex trafficking going on, So much evil going on in this world….My condolences to the family..Praying strength, comfort and peace in the name of Jesus AMEN Esperando q encuentren a los
q hicieron esta barrbaridad con el permiso de Dios…

Jenniffer Franqui wrote 
I lived most of my life in PR and always felt safe even when we had the “tecatos” in the plaza. Never in my life have I heard of kidnapping of children in PR until now. What is going on? Puertoricans protect each other so whoever is doing this is not from PR. Sorry, my opinion.

Cindy Garcia wrote 
So sad! Kidnappings, drugs and lack of law enforcement I thought I never see it in our island. I grew up running around without a care to hearing this type of crime happening. My heart hurts.

Marisol Caban wrote 
So sad I was praying for her safe return. As a parent I can’t even imagine what her siblings are going through. We live in a very cruel world. May her family get all the blessings they need to find clausure. A beautiful young lady gone too soon. RIP beautiful

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