Russian Youtuber Stas Reeflay Kills Pregnant Girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva on Live Video.

By | September 10, 2021

Russian Youtuber Stas Reeflay Kills Pregnant Girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva on Live Video.

Russian YouTuber Stas Reeflay is under arrest after he allegedly forced his pregnant girlfriend onto a balcony in freezing weather — and then broadcast a livestream video for hours with her lifeless body in the background., according to a statement posted online on December 2.  2020 by
Russian youtuber forces pregnant girlfriend to stand nearly naked in the cold after viewers paid $1k for him to do it and watch. She dies on an livestream outside of ⁦@YouTube⁩ Prior to this he hosed her with pepper spray after viewers gave him donations.
As The Sun noted, those watching a live feed from earlier encouraged the 30-year-old Reeflay to abuse his girlfriend, Valentina Grigoryeva, with one viewer allegedly paying him $1,000 to inflict abuse. Video from before her death showed the two arguing and appeared to show Reeflay striking her, and the report claimed he later forced her onto a balcony wearing only her underwear.
He faces up to TWO YEARS IN JAIL if it’s proved his actions killed her


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

I’m not only sick from the guy doing this but the chat telling him to do this He feels helpless seeing her gone And the viewers just sit there telling him to do it Not only sick from the guy But the chat paying him money to do this

Damn this is sad.. He did this for clout and money?? Life for a life. This is terrible. This vid will be shutdown shortly. At least she in a better place. Rip.

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PEKCANA wrote 

youtuber named stas reeflay locked his girlfriend on the balcony at the request of one of his audience. The girl, who stayed for a while in the freezing cold, died of hypothermia. the event is taking place around moscow. The girl was pregnant, by the way.

Sean Mackness wrote 
So YouTube doesn’t allow this sort of content? It allowed the SCUM video to be viewed for over a year! Apparently it’s OK when women kill men. This video will removed soon.

Your local drug dealer wrote 
Are we not going to focus on that dumbass Russian Youtuber that killed his girlfriend on stream or are we going to keep talk about a twitch thot leading on a guy
I’m probably going to lose followers bc of this but let me tell you. Feminism is necessary… a russian youtuber basically killed his girlfriend in direct streaming accepting challenges from his followers. She died and he NEVER STOP RECORDING.
She probably had a chance at life if that EMT attempted resuscitation, keep her body cold to keep her organs and brain alive until they got to the hospital and warm up her up and attempt to Resuscitate. She’s not dead until shes warm and dead. This guy is sick. Aswell as the people who paid him for this.
Bruh that’s the fakest cry I ever saw and heard of in my life. She was forced to go out ALMOST naked in 0 degree weather. Just seeing her lifeless body getting carried is so disturbing that it even made me shed a tear. I don’t expect this video to be up for to long. I read a article and said that YouTube is taking action to take down any re-uploads of this disturbing crime/scene.
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