Sadie Roberts-Joseph Death -Dead – Obituaries: Founder of african american museum found dead in trunk.

By | November 27, 2020

Sadie Roberts-Joseph Death -Dead – Obituaries: Founder of african american museum found dead in trunk.

Sadie Roberts-Joseph has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on November. 27, 2020.

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A 75-year-old Louisiana woman who founded an African American history museum was discovered dead in the trunk of a car, and police said Saturday that investigators were working diligently to find those responsible. U.S. NEWS 07/13/2019 05:51 pm ET

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Gopnik_Slav wrote 
R.I.P Sadie Roberts-Joseph. I’m sorry this happened to you & I’m sorry your murder is being used by the news & the web as ammo for a flame war. I hope her family can have some privacy in their mourning Folded hands.

@tidalectics wrote 
just a reminder that there has been and continues to be a genocide against black people in the US

@tidalectics wrote 
Sadie Roberts-Joseph The curator and founder of the African-American history Museum was found dead in her car earlier this year and there’s been no media coverage or discussion about it further 1/

gabriel blm  wrote 
disgusted by all the recent deaths. and this has been happening for centuries. RIP ahmaud arbery, sadie roberts-joseph, george floyd, and every other black person who was murdered unjustly and systematically. the people responsible deserve worse than jail.

KinoSailboat wrote 
i bet yall didnt know the founder of the african american history museum died last year. her name was Sadie Roberts-Joseph. she deserved celebration of her life but ya’lls ignorance of her even existence is sad as hell. but yall know yall history?

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