Sam Bakhtiar Death -Obituary – Dead : Sam Bakhtiar has Died .

By | December 24, 2020

Sam Bakhtiar Death -Obituary – Dead : Sam Bakhtiar has Died .

Sam Bakhtiar has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 24. 2020.

Erick Salgado 11 hrs  · I don’t even know how to process your passing. . Sam Bakhtiar is the man that helped me start businesses in the fitness industry, he helped me get ready for fitness competitions & was the Officiant at our Wedding. . Sam suddenly passed. . He was a great mentor & family man. . I apologize for being short… I’m still trying to comprehend the news myself. . Thank You Bro & RIP

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Cyn Kemp wrote
This is heartbreaking. My prayers and condolences go out to his family.

Jennifer Bletcher Cottrell wrote
Oh no! I was one of the 1st ones at the camp in Temecula. He was amazing and helped me to not give up. He told his story about his early years etc. Such an inspiration. 😢 Edmond Tyler Odin,Heather Gaines Sanford, Michelle Lopez

Theresa Maisen wrote
This is SHOCKING news….Praying for ALL…..His family, AFF, You, Me….the World. We lost a HUGE MENTOR…Breaks my heart….

Ariadna Tajoya wrote
OMG, this is terrible. I am so sorry for the loss to all he touched and to his family!.

Lorena Galvez Del Toro wrote
So sad! I’ve followed him on IG for years and always found him to be very inspirational. I’m so sorry for your loss 🙏🏻 keeping his family in my prayers

Christina Rodriguez-Sanders wrote
I’m so sorry for the loss!! He was such a inspiration. I was just chatting with him about business. Does anyone know how he passed?? #ripsam

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Heather Weiser-Parker wrote
Omg, wow what happened? I had the privilege to meet him in Corona and all his post were inspirational, what a tragic loss

Bonnie Studle wrote
I am so sorry to hear this My condolences goes out to his family he was very inspiring.

Fiesta Denise wrote
Heavenly father we lift up Sam as he enters your kingdom Lord we ask for eternal life. We lift up his mom, wife Crystal, son, daughters, Johnette, Alejandra Font and his entire fit family. We ask for a double portion of your holy spirit to be present with them for strength, faith and love during this hardship. Wrap your arms around each and everyone of them. We pray in Jesus name Amen. Love you man so many memories from LA Fitness to the camp. You are the man. Rest in paradise 🙏 ❤ love you man

Ernestina Colón wrote
I’m lost for words prayers to his family and friends may he rest in peace!

Michelle Lopez wrote
Wow, This def is heartbreaking… met him back in Camp Temecula ! Kept up on his daily inspirational posts! Sending condolences to his family and friends..

Audrey Maya Waters wrote
OMG!! My Condolences to all. I am in disbelief. God Bless his family!!!
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