Samantha Josephson Death – Obituary : jury convicted Nathaniel David Rowland of murdering South Carolina college student.

By | July 28, 2021

Samantha Josephson Death – Obituary : jury convicted Nathaniel David Rowland of murdering South Carolina college student.

On Tuesday, a jury convicted Nathaniel David Rowland of murdering South Carolina college student Samantha Josephson, who mistook him for her Uber driver during a night out two years ago.
A judge sentenced him to life in prison moments later.

WLTX News19 was live. 1d  · LIVE: A verdict has been announced in the trial of Nathaniel Rowland, who’s charged with killing USC student Samantha Josephson in 2019.…/101-186c9e4e-6f5a-48c5-9002…

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Susie Fuccillo wrote 
Pure EVIL as they come! Thank you GOD for the Jury who got this right! Soo SAD for the Josephson Family for losing their Precious Samantha!

Monica Valentin wrote 
I heard the medical examiner speaking n it tore my heart out. The way she suffered. The mother inpact speech was heart breaking. I don’t know how she had the strength to sit there n listen to the whole trial. I would of been in a insane asylum if something happened to any of my children. Prayers to the family

RaphelaYah Waddy
Horrific……why didn’t he just tell her to get out, and let her go……he drive off with her with evil intent for her… sorry her life ended so brutally, prayers for the heart broken family & friends……rest assured, on judgement day, he will not be able to run from Yahweh Most High, Yahweh will avenge, he will execute supreme vengeance

Sharron Brooks
I heard on a podcast what he did to this young lady and if the death penalty is still standing, if anyone has ever deserved to die by lethal injection, this sadistic killer does. I actually had to turn the podcast off because I couldn’t listen to the balance of what he did to her. Sometimes I wish that these convicted killers would have to endure what they have done to their victims. The penalty she received for mistakenly taking him for her Uber driver was horrific and unspeakable.

Mike McCollum
He should have received the death penalty. There’s no excuse for that type of behavior. He gets to live on, and she is gone forever.

Dee Ville
Sounds like a sociopath. It would have been a matter of time before he killed again. Prayers for healing for her family

Amber Duncan
This was so sad to watch. I loved the prosecution and the judge. The judge was fed up at the end, and was telling the defendants mom off and the defense. We all know his mom is in disbelief that her child did this, but like the judge said this is not the first incident. He also told Nate that he had demons inside of him, and they should be exercised out. I felt so bad for her grieving father. Nate tore 2 families apart by his actions and now, he will be sitting in a cell for the rest of his life where he belongs. Samantha fought and fought hard, and that made a statement to the judge. He should have let her go.

Lisa Homer
His family in denial & mom still claiming his innocence..??? The Judge had it right- he told mom this i’m sure was not 1st “incident”. There were many times when family & friends could’ve intervened, but they didnt. He went on to tell Nathan that he had all the opportunities in the world to be successful: family support, college, good community- but in the end he chose evil.

Andrea Thompson
His family is in complete denial. When they finally accept this

Okay definitely would like to watch this trial. As it states hes guilty then his lawyer said there was zero DNA.. either way this young girl lost her life with her whole life ahead of her.

Robert N Crystal Melton
That poor girl her poor parents what evil. lady’s need to always watch there surroundings and always be aware that it can happen to you

Tammy Hunter
I understand that we are suppose to forgive people for certain things and that forgiveness is for ourselves and not the other person but in this case how could anyone forgive this man or anybody who commits such a horrific act against another human being and I know they aren’t talking about forgiveness but after hearing what happened I had to voice how I feel. I feel so bad for the victims family.

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