Savannah Payne Death : Was Savannah Payne body found ?.

By | March 25, 2021

WJZ-TV | CBS Baltimore  19h  · #BREAKING UPDATE: Police have traced 26-year-old Savannah Payne’s disappearance to the Boston Street corridor. They said they have reason to believe she may have fallen into the water near that area.

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Kimberly Kaminski Wilson.

This is so heartbreaking. Dont get me wrong . I’m sure her friends are devoted and I just pray we dont have to be taught a lesson from her being missing. But Girls and Guys when u go out you have to stay together. You have cell phones. Put 360 on your phone when u are out together. It tells u exactly where u are. My whole family has 360 and it’s free. Back in the 80s my friends and I would go to Hammerjacks and we would always have a meeting spot at last call. It’s so important. It saves lives. And this day and age everything is different. I just pray that this beautiful young lady

Stephanie Nicole.

it’s easy to blame the friends isn’t it? “they shouldn’t have left her alone” “I wouldn’t want friends like that” but the reality is is that none of us were there that night; she could’ve been told to stay there or told her friend she didn’t have to go to the bathroom and then changed her mind. we need to be better, don’t blame the friends it isn’t their fault that this happened. they probably feel devastated and probably guilty and comments are unneeded. as a 25 yo girl, tbh if we were all at a bar and my friend asked if I wanted to go to the bathroom and I said no because I didn’t want or need too, I wouldn’t go it’s as simple as that. we don’t know the reality and it’s easy to point fingers when so much is unknown. so spread kindness, hug your family and friends tighter, share share share your location indefinitely with friends/family, and let’s all work together to make Baltimore safer

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