SD Officer Lee Weber Dead-Obituary – Lee Weber Death Cause is Drowning.

By | July 10, 2020

SD Officer Lee Weber Dead-Obituary –  Lee Weber Death Cause is Drowning.

We regret to report that Lee Weber has passed away, according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today July 8, 2010.
Fort Pierre, SD – Hughes County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Chief Deputy Lee Weber died on July 3 while rescuing his eight-year-old son from the swift current of the Missouri River.
The tragic incident occurred downstream from the Oahe Dam at approximately 2:51 p.m., the Capital Journal reported.
Deputy Weber, 37, was boating with his eight-year-old son when the boy suddenly fell off of the moving vessel, the Stanley County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) said in a news release. According to a report by the blue live matters movement.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Edna Lujano wrote 
That’s a parent job to do anything for your children no matter how old they are. So so sorry for this family lost. Pray that his son want feel guilty but understand that that’s a parent job to protect their children. Thank you for your service in the military’s and as an officer. Lord be with his wife and children give her the strength to be strong for their children. R. I. P. Thank you. God bless.

D.j. Harrod wrote 
Not only because he served as a police officer, but as a father you will go to any measure to protect your child. This will be especially hard for his family, and his son needs the most prayers. This will forever traumatize him, and I hope he can find some comfort in the act of love for which his father showed, and use that love as strength to help him heal from future guilt and trauma.

Karla Gardner Carney wrote 
That poor child will bear guilt instead of pride, though he may try. Peace in your heart little man! Your Dad loved you more than life!

Diane Marie
Parents do anything to protect their children. I’m glad his son is safe. He died to save his son.

Faith Peterson wrote 
Another tragic story. So happy his 8 year old son is okay but so sad his dad didn’t make it. Condolences & prayers for the family.
(CRAZY, two water areas this one right after a mom not making it into a boat but her 4 yr old did… this dad goi…

Colleen Vitek Brady
Deepest condolences sent to the family, friends, and HCSO family of Chief Deputy Weber. Such a tragedy. I am so sorry for your loss. Rest In Peace sir and thank you for serving your country and community with valor and determination. God bless and protect all law enforcement, fire and other first responders and thank you for what you do daily for the rest of us.

Joe McNair
Rest in peace brother in law enforcement. Gone but never forgotten. “Blessed are the peace keepers. For they are called the children of God.”

Carole Snow wrote 
He is a hero in every sense of the word. So sorry he lost his life. Thank you sir for your service and may God Bless. Sending prayers to the family.

Doris Owen Brown wrote 
Prayers to his family! But did I read correctly that they are only PRESUMING that he died and they haven’t found his body? Isn’t it very possible that he was found, head trama, amnesia, etc….? This story is so heartbreaking!

Neil Buck wrote 
That poor kid had to see his dad go under and not come back up. I cant imagine the thoughts going through his head. I hope the family gets him counseling. He probably feels like its his fault.
At 8 he doesn’t know that theres NOTHING that will stop a … See More

Kevin Bell wrote 
Thank you for your Service here and abroad ! I send to you with a heavy heart ,that you will truly be missed by all who knew you and of us that didn’t ! You are Truly A HERO ! .

Karen Leiseth wrote 
This poor child will live forever remembering this day. Did he have a life jacket on? Rip officer and may god watch over your family

Betty White Fraser wrote 
John 15 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. A father will go to no ends to protect his family. This hero proves this in the jobs he chose . Military law enforcement and fatherhood. Rest in peace sir . Prayers for the family and LEO family.

Mike Roden wrote 
Such a sad situation, but one we could all find ourselves in this time of year. My condolences and prayers going out to the family.

Sharon DeFalco wrote 
My heart go’s to his FAMILY…There are know words to explain why things like this happens…He was a HERO many times over …There is an OLD saying that GOD only takes the best when they are young….GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY…R.I.P HERO you will be MISSED..MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN…

Aida González Rivera wrote 
What a magnificent story.and his soul is eternally saved.This is something that needs to be told by those responsible to tell truths on our law enforcement..Prayers and condolences to his family..His son will grow up to follow his father’s steps..

Edauq Farm wrote 
Prayers for the family as they struggle with the loss of their Hero. Praying the Chief Deputy is found so his family can put him to rest with the Heroes service he deserves and mostly I pray as God leads his 8 year old son, he gets the counseling he needs to take him through such a tragic time, so he carries no guilt. Children’s minds and hearts are so fragile. God bless.

Pam Fry wrote 
What a outstanding police officer, but to try and save his own son.prayers for this family. Prayers for what this little boy, the trauma hes going through now, and in the future. The Mo river is deadly. This daddy is a hero.

Debbie Buchan wrote 
No greater love hath man than to lay down his life for another
This father of courage without hesitation dove in to save his son.
Merciful God if it be your will let this man be found alive. Your wonders to amaze! In Jesus Christ Holy Name let it be so
Amen and Amen

Judy Aldridge wrote 
Sending much needed Prayers to this family 🙏 for the loss of Deputy Lee Weber as he save his son whom will most likely be traumatized by this Prayers for the boy and family for comfort, strength..

Julie Sandor wrote 
He did what he had to do, any great parent would.. We are so sorry for Deputy Lee Webers family and friends.. I pray for all of you. And praying for his son to be healed with our Lords arms around him to comfort him and Bless him with knowing what his Father did for him..No guilt, just alot of love from his dad…

Karen Norton Lilly wrote 
Since the article says they haven’t found him I will pray for his safe return and for peace and comfort for his family both blood and blue. Never give up hope!

Irene Whiting wrote 
So sorry Carla for the loss of your nephew, God Bless u and him for your service, u r our heros, prayers for all this family, breaks my heart to hear this, pray his son is ok I honor all officers, please stay safe stay strong hugs to all of u

Alice Compton-Boria wrote 
what a tragedy. young man know you dad loved you so much He would give his life for you. That’s a great treasure. praying for the family

Zeyda Chirino Columbié wrote 
What a sad situation…i pray for God to bring peace and comfort to his family during such a difficult time. Thank you for your service Deputy Webers, God Bless

Tom Frey wrote 
God rest his soul, may his family find healing through Christ during their grief. There’s a special place in heaven for heroes… and he definitely died a hero.

Jack Warf wrote 
Now there is a real parent. Selfless sacrifice is job 1 in parenting. These “parents” abusing, starving, killing their babies are not parents, they are not humans. And i am pretty sure the animal kingdom wouldn’t claim them; for in the animal kingdom, parental self sacrifice is job one in most species.

Melissa Benjamin wrote 
My heartfelt condolences to his wife, children, extended family , friends, co workers, and community. May God give strength that is needed while enduring so much pain. May his soul rest in peace.
Auntee Jay J Dias wrote 
This child’s hero is his dad.He has nothing to feel guilty about. I’m so proud his father was there to help him and that he will always know his dad loved him more than life itself. Sending prayers.

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SD Officer Lee Weber Dead-Obituary –  Lee Weber Death Cause is Drowning.

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