Sean McCabe Death -Obituary – Dead : Sean McCabe has Died .

By | December 13, 2020

Sean McCabe Death -Obituary – Dead : Sean McCabe has Died .

Sean McCabe has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 12. 2020.

Troy Dayton 13 hrs  · I had a beautiful 40 minute call with Sean McCabe yesterday morning. Apparently just 1 hour before he died. I had just added three to-do’s in my Asana from our convo. He seemed happy. And he ended the call sharing that I was such a “good big brother” to him. And that stuck with me after the convo. I had that warm feeling for hours after the call that only Sean can make in me. If there was a party and I knew Sean was going to be there. I knew two things. 1. I was going to be entertained with some wickedly smart and vulnerable humor and 2. I was going to have a visceral sense of human connection. You know how with many friends, you love them and you are glad they are around, but you don’t always get a deep feeling of connection every time you talk to them? It’s kind of hit or miss…especially in a large group setting. Not with Sean. I could rely on having a deep and meaningful interaction every time. That’s rare. I’ll miss that. And I’ll miss how he makes me feel. I’ll miss him singing me a new improv birthday song each year. I’ll miss being his cheerleader on his journey to sharing his gifts more broadly and overcoming his demons. In fact, on our call I told him about a deep dive group I was launching to focus on some habit change in the new year. He wanted to join it. We didn’t get into specifics about what habit he wanted to change, but i know he had numerous habits that had he changed he might still be with us. Maybe I didn’t start this group soon enough. I always got the sense that Sean was on a hero’s journey. That one day he would both really commit himself to his health and that he would make it big in entertainment in some way. I’m sad for him and sad for the world that this journey was cut short. He was a true legend. Lots of people throw that word legend around when people die, but I mean it in a different way with Sean. For those of you reading this that didn’t know him, I’m trying to find the words to describe his legendary presence. He was and an A-list celebrity that was only a celeb to maybe a thousand people. And one of the main reasons he wasn’t a celebrity to more people was because he lived to delight and shock his friends and their friends. He didn’t need a bigger audience. He lived for the sense of belonging HE created everywhere he went.

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Andreea Grad wrote
Oh no… I loved Sean. The way you described him is so beautiful and yes, I remember him as magnificent, funny, witty, and so present. I don’t know what to say… just sadness…

Kaliko Castille wrote
So sorry for your and the community’s loss, Troy. Sending lots of aloha your way. ❤

Shelby McAuliffe wrote
He truly was a powerful energy. I didn’t know him well, but I am friends with many who knew him. It’s all over my Facebook. I empathize with the community’s loss. This is so sad.
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