Sean Reed Death : Air-force Vet Shot and Killed by Police in Indianapolis.

By | May 7, 2020

Death – Obituaries : (MARKET NEWS) – Family and friends are mourning the death of a black air force vet Sean Reed , Mr. Reed was recently shot and killed by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officer, according to statements posted on news outlets on May. 6, 2020.

A car chase that ended in the fatal shooting of a man by Indianapolis police was captured on a Facebook Livestream apparently recorded by the now-deceased suspect.

The man was observed by police speeding and driving recklessly on Interstate 65, according to a statement from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

After police pursued the vehicle off an exit ramp for about 15 minutes, the man hopped out of his car and fled on foot as officers shouted at him to stop, the department said. According to a report by the New York Post. 

The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Yahya Abdul-Mapeen

Pigs in Indianapolis just murdered a Black man while he was on Facebook Live. He was tased and then shot 13 times while he was down. They joked about his funeral while he bled out. His name was #SeanReed


I just witnessed police kill an unarmed black man on live Broken heart They tased him he was already on the ground then shot him over 13 times OVERKILL! Then made jokes about it saying he’s going to have to have a “closed casket” #SeanReed Justice for you Broken heart

Jeneisha Harris
The Indianapolis police just murdered another Black man less than two hours ago.

He was tased and then shot at least 10 times.

After, they laughed and joked about his funeral.

Don’t ever ask me again why I’m anti police.

Fuck 12.


Lolove ❤ The Wiz #35
Black men, you are not disposable. Black women, you are not disposable.

BLACK PEOPLE, you are not disposable.

Trade mark signMarcus
IMPD is trying to say there was an altercation prior to Sean Reed getting gunned down. That’s a lie, buddy. We have the videos.


Damn just watched a guy named Sean Reed (Sean DaDon) from TEXAS go live on facebook while on a high speed chase. Then ends up running. And to hear a gun shot go off !! Damn seen that all on live ! Cops didnt wvwn call for an ambulance all you hear is “stay away from the body”
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Lauren Morgan Suriel

The country was already grappling with the horrific murder of Ahmaud Arbery, and now my hometown of Indianapolis just witnessed a black man killed by police on FB live. Pray for these families and our city. Black Lives Matter. #JusticeForAhmaudArbery #SeanReed


Tonight in Indianapolis, officers tased and then immediately murdered a black suspect. #SeanReed was on Facebook Live while he was murdered. #IMPD admits they tased him before shooting him, after he was already down. On the video, you hear them joking about his funeral. #BLM

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