Sgt. Elder Fernandes Death – Dead – Obituary : Missing Fort Hood Soldier Found hanging in Tree

By | August 26, 2020

Sgt. Elder Fernandes Death – Dead – Obituary : Missing Fort Hood Soldier Found hanging in Tree.

The body of Sgt. Elder Fernandes, a Massachusetts native who went missing from the U.S. Army’s Fort Hood base in Texas more than a week ago, was found Tuesday evening, police said.according to a statement posted online on Aug. 26, 2020.’

Sgt. Elder Fernandes (Photo by KCEN

With the recent discovery of the body of 23-year-old Sgt. Elder Fernandes found hanging from a tree, there have been 24 soldier deaths this year alone.

Fernandes, 23, a 2015 graduate of Brockton High School and a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialist assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade, was last seen by members of his unit on Aug. 17 at a residence in Killeen, Texas. reported.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Elvira Josephine wrote 

The president helped this family at the very least get vanessa’s remains given to them so they could give ever a proper burial at least as they were being held for an open investigation.

Vickie Stone Bohlen wrote 

This hurts terrible. They need answers and justice. Ft Hood is killing their own. It needs to stop. Trump told them in his office it would be looked into. Instead there is another killing. WTH.

Deborah Newhauser Hezel wrote 

This place needs to be investigated as each person as well or shut it down this is uncalled for. It’s disgraceful and all involved punished.

Linda Cartwright wrote 

Why is this happening under a Government who said 4 years ago that he would make America great again? Wow, this does not look like America is great at all.

Phyllis P. Bryant wrote 

I don’t think it has anything to do with the administration of today. Not Trumps fault. It’s the evil in this world we live in. Stop blaming Trump for every bad thing!.

Joe L Hernandez wrote 

The young 16 yr old definitely has such a beautiful strong heart to be fighting for our soldiers and for our Country! She has a bright future ahead of her God Bless her and her family!.

Gina N Jesse Najera wrote
They really need to look deep into this fort Hood. Ppl end up missing then found dead. Something is way wrong over there. Bless your soul Sgt. Elder Fernandes .

Renau Hazlewood wrote 

Sounds like something very suspicious going in down there like a serial killer. Somebody better be looking into those deaths very closely. How sad.

Ronnie Kyle wrote 
Did not suspect foul play.
Another report said he was found hung.
Imo just because he may have been found like he was, they sure as hell better not assume suicide.
Imo it seems people reporting misconduct, sexual harrassment and or anything else are being systematically eliminated.
Maybe the new tactic is to make it look like they committed suicide.
Something is terribly wrong over there.
I pray these soldiers get justice.
Condolences to family and friends

Sherrie Benson wrote 
I feared he would be found dead If he suffered sexual “abuse ” by another male superior soldier and it was being investigated, he was killed! Unless he was so depressed by the sexual abuse he hung himself, which is possible. It appears that Ft Hood isn’t safe for Hispanic soldiers.

Andrea Jackson-Forbes wrote 
What is going on down at that base? No joking, it must be the Killing Field of Kilene. Sounds Rebublican to me, abusing and killing minorities. That is their mo. Justice must be brought to Fort Hood.

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