Shad Gaspard Death-Dead: Shad Gaspard Obituary, Missing Former WWE Wrestler Dies, Cause of Death Unknown.

By | May 19, 2020

Death & Obituaries : May. 17, 2020.

We are saddened to learn of the presumed death of Shad Gaspard. In an act of heroism and selflessness, Shad directed first responders to rescue his son, as he battled a rip current. On behalf of the entire CWF family, our prayers are with Shad’s family & friends. #Shad

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Wrestling With Reality Podcast
! Pls pray for peace and strength for his family &loved ones. His courage to save his sons life & risk his own shows the man he was. Blessings to all his loved ones as they face this awful event. #ShadGaspard #PrayForShad

Prayers to Shad Gaspard family and him, i pray he’s somehow alive. He made sure his son made it out safe.

Adam Kennefick
Michael Sparks Musical keyboardGuitar
I’ve been catching up on the news and god, what happened with Shad Gaspard is absolutely heartbreaking. I never got the opportunity to meet Shad but I have heard so many wonderful things about him over the years. Seemed like an absolutely great guy. 2020 is awful. 🙁

Kashvinder Singh Mann
Just heard what happened to former WWE superstar Shad Gaspard. Heartbreaking to say the least. His final act on this earth was to save his son’s life.

Mexican Chael
When I was 7 I almost drowned in a riptide. This fucking beast of a human saw me struggling, swam out and helped me back to shore. I couldnt believe how helpless I was. The ocean is a cruel son of a bitch… my heart goes out Shad Gaspard and his family. This isn’t fair..

Bskill (Brian)
If Shad Gaspard really is gone, at least he went out as a hero. Telling people to save his son before getting washed away. The man had no fear, he stopped an armed robbery for goodness sake. He was a true inspiration in and out of the ring. Praying for his family.Folded hands

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