Shannon Soucie Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Makeup Artist Shannon Soucie from NCIS Passed Away .

By John Okoro | May 5, 2021

What happened to Shannon Soucie – How did Shannon Soucie die ?

Shannon Soucie has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on May 3. 2021.

NCIS aired a title card in memory of Shannon Soucie at the end of the Tuesday night episode. The dedication for Shannon Soucie didn’t go into detail about her connection to the show, but she may have worked in the make-up department.

There is also a mention of a Shannon Soucie on the list of Emmy wins and nominations over the years. According to that page, she received nominations for Outstanding Hairstyling For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special in 2000.

Source: Who is Shannon Soucie from NCIS? ‘In memory of’ dedication ends episode


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Tomáš a Klára wrote 
My life is same as Gibbs’s, even if I am almost 15. I lost two lovers in total, one girl died 10 years ago from rape and murder. Another girl died 2 months 6 days ago from commiting suicide due to bullying. This is my life fate, I am on life as Gibbs. I see ghosts as Gibbs, I wish I had a good, quiet and sensitive girl like me, but unfortunately I’m just unlucky. But 8 years ago, I met a girl like Shannon but I didn’t saw her again..

Maarten Peters wrote 
How Harmon said “What do ya want from me?” was so good and emotional. He is such a good actor. I hope they will eventually take this further; Gibbs has been through so much and some mental instability would be normal. Maybe something happens and he gets a sudden giant mental breakdown in the middle of the bullpen and then Tony and Ziva come in….

whatevergal101 wrote 
ok the fishing, camping, newsclip is from hiatus 323 during gibbs flashback, not sure which one. gibbs and shannon in bed is from engaged in season 908 very early on – just after credits. if it wasn’t either of these let me know

Percy Vazquez wrote 
AMAZING!! I have always sd that Gibbs True love story is Understated’ so I enjoyed watching this tribute….I love how Shannon contributed to his life. I understand how he got ” His Codes to live by”.

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