Shellina Burgess Death -Obituary – Dead : Shellina Burgess has Died .

By | December 21, 2020

Shellina Burgess Death -Obituary – Dead : Shellina Burgess has Died .

Shellina Burgess has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 20. 2020.

Sierra McCormick 13 hrs  · It is unfortunate to post that one of our members have passed. Shellina Burgess was a friendly face at Union Place, always laughing with us and taking time to learn ALL of our names. She became a friend. Her smile was contagious and I personally couldn’t have a bad day when she was around. She brightened a room with her personality and she will be greatly missed! She leaves behind family, friends, and her girlfriend Silver Martin. Shellina’s last act was to donate her organs and to help anyone she could. There is a candle light gathering this evening at local park if anyone would like to attend. I’ll make an event under the event tab. Any further service information I’ll share as it’s available.

Source: (20+) Fun With Friends Knoxville | Facebook


———————— –
Michele Burgess is with Shellina Burgess.
23 hrs ·
This perfectly amazing soul left this world today and took my heart with her. Life is so fragile and precious. Love your people hard. Period. No exceptions, no expectations, no conditions. Shellina would have wanted it that way.
In Shellina’s last selfless act of her short lifetime she was an organ donor and will be impacting too many lives to count in the near future.
Please know I have seen all the texts, messages and amazing words of support and once I am able to learn how to navigate this incredibly difficult path I will read them again and again.

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Malynda Carroll Strickland
Michelle, saying sorry doesn’t feel like it’s close to being enough. I didn’t know your daughter personally, but from things I saw, the bond you two had was something we all wish to have with our children. How blessed you both were to have each other. Prayers and love being sent your way. If I can do anything, I would be more than happy to.

Carmen Reillo-Manning wrote
Sending love and prayers your way Michelle she was a precious soul.

Samina Humphreys wrote
Michele Burgess, I am so sorry for your loss!! I am praying for you and your family!

Angie Turney wrote
I have no words…but we serve a good God. And He is close. Lean on Him and your support system. While your life will never be the same, I pray her selfless act of organ donation will bring you happiness knowing she lives on in so many others. Love you sweet friend

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