Shooting at Mayfair Mall Wauwatosa, Wisconsin : Shooter Identified as White Male

By | November 21, 2020

Seven adults and one teenager was wounded when a gunman opened fire  at Mayfair mall in Wauwatosa Mall on Friday.

The shooter was described as a white mal in his late 20s , according to a statement released to the press by Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber .

As at 9m there has not been any arrested, the suspect remains at large and armed.  The shooter was no longer in the mall when police arrived after receiving several 911 calls.

Wauwatosa Police Update .

The Wauwatosa Police continues to provide the general public information on what happened and how they are handling the situation via social media.

“The Mayfair Mall property has been cleared and is secure. Mayfair Mall management has indicated that the mall will be closed tomorrow, Saturday, November 21. Law enforcement personnel will remain at the mall into the night processing the scene”
“Preliminary investigation has led us to believe that this shooting was not a random act, and was the result of an altercation. We will continue to work diligently to interview the many witnesses, as well as the victims who were injured, to identify and apprehend the suspect.”


Reactions continues to trail the news of this shooting incident on social media.

WildstarToonz wrote : For years The elite bankers know that America is one of the strongest countries in the world. In order to have a one world government you need to get rid of the guns so that the people don’t fight back. This is also part of a bigger agenda Called #TheGreatReset so far this past year I’ve watched them destroy America with Covid, Weather Warfare, Antifa, Chemtrails, GMOs, and let’s not forget the Economy. Everyone don’t let them take it away from you. This is not a political statement. This is a battle for your mind , flesh and spirit, Satan wants it all using his people.

Native NY wrote : There should be enough surveillance in and around that mall that the police should be able to track that guys movements by now. The should have an image and know if he left the mall, and in what vehicle. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING WASTING TIME??! This is the age of technology, USE IT

Brenden W wrote : Everyone keeps claiming “it was a trump supporter” or “it was a Biden supporter. Like MAYBE..just MAYBE it was a mentally unstable INDIVIDUAL who wanted to do harm. The media keeps wanting people to think every goddamn action in this country is politically motivated and it’s just continuing to divide everyone. Truth is there are absolute degenerate garbage people no matter where you go. Stop dividing our country more.

More General Public Reactions .

And  Carver of Bone have this to say He said ‘any reports about the identity of the shooter are false’ wtf does that even mean? It means that if anyone calls in to report that they know the shooter or what he looks like, that they are lying? WTF! Just watched a fox news report on this same thing and they also mentioned the same thing and thats that ”any reports about the identity of the shooter are false’. Something fishy is goin on people.
Sam Tru wrote : A Mall shooting right before the holidays. Sadly, I am not surprised. It wouldn’t be 2020 without a mass shooting at a concert, mall, church or school. Oh yeah, virtual learning help save a lot of children’s lives this year i.e. no school shootings in 2020.

Dave Litteman said : A surveillance hot spot, AKA multiple cameras inside, in the parking lot, and all the police have to work off of is “eyewitness” accounts? No Video capture of the perp to confirm the Police statement ? No License Plate ? No first person phone captures like all the rest of the “mass shooting” events from the past. Nobody shot back at the perp in an open carry State All of this happening the same day Kyle Rittenhouse post bail. Yup Nothing to see here . Now back to your scheduled COVID 1984 Broadcast.


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