Sifiso Mtshali Dead Body Carried to Old Mutual to Prove Death Claim.

By | November 20, 2019

Death – Obituaries : (MARKET NEWS) Old Mutual says it profoundly regrets the pressure caused to the family of Sifiso Mtshali because of a deferral in paying out his burial service guarantees.

“Although most claims are paid on time, and delays are rare, it is clear that we need to make our additional claims assessment processes easier and faster to ensure we do not let any of our customers down in their time of greatest need,” the MD of Old Mutual’s mass and foundation cluster, , said in an announcement on Wednesday evening.

“While over 99% of our legitimate burial service claims are paid out inside the contracted 48 hours, we should endeavor to make that 100%,” Nethengwe included.

The announcement comes after the family went the additional mile to demonstrate Mtshali was in reality dead by  conveying his body in a body pack to an Old Mutual branch.

This was caught in a video that became a web sensation on social media on Tuesday.

Old Mutual said the case, which was received on November 11, was not postponed because of any suspicion but but because “it was referred for further individual assessment”.

Old Mutual now said they have settled the claim on  Friday, November 15.

“Albeit endeavor was made to settle the case as quickly as would be prudent, we are profoundly sorry  for the delay. We are focused on improving and we will find a way to quicken and improve the manner in which we confirm those cases that should be evaluated further. News Source News24 South Africa.

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