sister ruth hennessey death – dead cause of death

By | June 4, 2020

sister ruth hennessey death – dead cause of death

Most people that are condemning him have never been to a military funeral. They have never watched as the flag is draped over a coffin carrying a military service member. They have never watched as that flag is folded with precision moves.

They have never watched and listened as the senior ranking official bends down to that services members loved one while handing the flag to that loved one while stating the words, “On behalf of a grateful nation”. Most of you that disagree with Brees I can guarantee have not. I have had to be part of the ceremonies for 38 of my fallen friends, brothers, mentors, and bosses. I have also been present for my fathers and grandfathers funerals as well.

Those wanting to take a knee can do so before or after the anthem. They can do it at any other time as well. Why only during the national anthem? That the only time they are protesting? It only tells me they are looking for publicity instead of action. That is just my opinion and both the flag and the constitution gives me the right to have a opinion. The left/democrats/liberals can kiss my you know what before I bend the knee and obey their commands.

Thank you,every time I stand for our flag,and I hear the National Anthem playing,I get so emotional. I think of all who have given so much.God bless America  We are a military family,all my family will stand,out of respect .

I keep hearing reports of Drew Brees is being slammed and criticized on Social Media for comments he made about respecting the flag. How about we stand by him on his comments, so the reports can say Never mind Drew Brees is being praised on social media for his comments on respecting the flag. Support Drew 100%!

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