Status of Stimulus Check 2020 IRS : Where is My Stimulus Paper Check ?

By | May 7, 2020

BUSINESS / MARKET NEWS (MARKET NEWS) : Status of Stimulus Check 2020 IRS : Where is My Stimulus Paper Check ?
As part of massive economic rescue package by the United States Government , the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) anticipates sending more than sending more than 150 million payments help people with expenses during this time of coronavirus pandemic.
So far the IRS has distributed about 130 million economic impact payments to taxpayers in less than 30 days.

Some taxpayers who are still awaiting their checks may be uncertain about what’s causing the hold up. At the same time, getting help from the IRS is proving fruitless because the agency’s phone assistance is shut down due to the pandemic.  According to this report by the CBS News


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Kit Hershey
According to IRS guidelines, all recipients of SSDI should have their stimulus checks by April 30. So where is the money?
Degenerate Jay
Has anyone else not gotten their Stimulus check who did link their direct deposit to their taxes before? I have been waiting forever. I even used the IRS site and they said the info on where mine is was not even available so. This whole thing was done to help but we cant get it?K
wondering why i haven’t gotten my stimulus check when i Know i’m suppose to!!! what the fuck!!!! and i can’t even talk to a real person working w the IRS i just get a stupid “Payment Status Not Available” message and i’m TIRED OF IT!! n i know a lot of ppl r goin thru this too!!
Enola Wolf
The irs and trump issued stimulus checks to tons of our country. So many on ssi, families still have not gotten them. my information has not changed. why is it taking the irs, the government so long to get people their money. Irs site not helpful!!!
Mea Songbird
Man it’s starting to feel like the stimulus check will never come, IRS still won’t say anything on the payment site, everyone I know already got theirs, and I wish there were something more I could do about it than just wait and wonder.
David Sleasman
#IRS provided a nice updated chart. Page 4- SSDI, No dependents, Did not file taxes for 2018 and 2019, have Direct Deposit set up (or other means already receiving SSDI)- DO NOTHING. Stimulus check will come by April 29. Can someone with knowledge answer why nothing yet?

Toonces Resists 

My stimulus check was direct-deposited a couple of weeks ago. However, I just received the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing letter–like no one’s ever seen–from the IRS and trump, with a copy of his very own signature!!! I wiped my cat’s ass with it.

I’m a little frustrated, I haven’t gotten my stimulus check yet, and the website keeps saying payment status unavailable. I’ve filed my 2019 tax return, direct deposit. I’ve tried entering my address every conceivable way into the IRS website. I don’t know what else to do.
Kaya Jones
Getting a “payment status not available” error when you’re trying to learn the status of your IRS coronavirus stimulus check? Try this one weird trick that really works: Enter your street address in all caps.
Quynhanh Tran
when ur parents claim u even tho they dont give u shit so u dont get a stimulus check and u cant file ur $4200 return electronically and so u file by paper and the irs isnt processing paper returns rn……………..ask me if they will ever meet my children
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Dennis L Kerns
My name is Dennis kerns. I didn’t get my stimulus check it said on the IRS economic impact payment was to be direct deposit in my account on April 30 I called the bank they said they never got it
Mad Hatter
The IRS has screwed up the stimulus check situation for Social Security recipients. They have changed the process at least 3-4 times now. I personally believe that this was done purposely to limit the number of people (and their dependent kids) who will actually get the money.
Matt Gulick
Hey everyone, please retweet this information.
If you are having trouble getting your IRS stimulus check, there is a minor yet critical aspect when registering with the IRS:
You MUST enter your address in ALL CAPS!
Ridiculous but it’s IRS reality.

Status of Stimulus Check 2020 IRS : Where is My Stimulus Paper Check ?


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