Stephanie Hawk Death – Dead : Stephanie Hawk Obituary : Mina Starsiak Hawk’s Sister-in-Law Passed Away, Cause of Death Unknown.

By | September 10, 2021

Stephanie Hawk Death – Dead :  Stephanie Hawk Obituary : Mina Starsiak Hawk’s Sister-in-Law Passed Away, Cause of Death Unknown.

Stephanie Hawk has died, according to a statement posted online on March. 25, 2020.

We learned of the deceased through the following tribute posted on social media., 

Not Home Town but it’s Good BonesTwo Chicks and a Hammer family. The family/show lost a family member that had joined the demo team. Stephanie Hawk passed away suddenly, let’s show a fellow comparable show our deepest sympathy to them. JUST SAYING: Good Bones more than likely won’t see this post and it’s not my family, I just love their work like we love Home Town. So Mina and her family don’t see if you say sorry for “your”, the your is not my family.

Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on of caused death . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Stephanie Hawk Facebook handler  wrote 
I am beyond appalled with a local business. We are under a stay-at-home order and instead of listening one local business wanted to show appreciation for their community by offering free pizza and salad…
What happened next is beyond disrespectful to the rest of us following and abiding by social distancing. In the last week we went from 3 positive COVID-19 cases to 10 and 1 death. This is not a joke and it is not okay for any business to be allowed to do this.

This is not kindness, this is irresponsibility.

Governor Jay Inslee

I pray you fine this business for their lack of community responsibility. I will never again eat at local myth. Had this business wanted to show appreciation properly they would have waited for our stay-at-home order to be lifted and offered a community pizza night.

Chelan County Sheriff’s Office how could you allow this to happen? Your supposed to be enforcing the law minimally and this would have warranted breaking up the public for safety. Chelan is not above Washington law!

Alannah N Dobberstein wrote 
It’s crazy how many people are actually out like NOTHING is going on. I had to go to Fred Myers yesterday to get my client some things and it was packed. People in the jewelry department and in clothes. Like that’s not essential people!!! Go home!!!

Jessie Hawk wrote 
This is disgusting. How can they get away with not following the governor’s orders?

John Bushby wrote 
If they are allowed to stay open for carry out why can’t they give those same pizzas away for free that they would be selling? Or am I missing something here? Papa Murphy’s is still open in Spokane…

Zackery Webster wrote 
Yeah Bob’s a peace of work he doesnt care about the community or anything but the money in his bank account he’s selfish and annoying how he feels like hes better then everyone else in Chelan just vause he owes a couple businesses he is one of few buss…

Anthony Ballard wrote 
Are you serious…. who cares about your opinion… Wenatchee has fast food places and there still open… what’s the difference… honestly your just one of a million protesters bitchin…

Jordan Reynolds wrote 
You guys are over reacting. They state in the post to maintain social distancing, I’m sure you guys are still going to Safeway and Walmart so it’s no more of a social gathering than that. Giving away free food in a pandemic is a great, much better than throwing away all of it.

Zackery Webster wrote 
Jordan Reynolds all of the grocery stores mandate that though bob is not it may say that but not making sure its a thing is what I’m talking about if he wanted to do this correctly he would have made it an all day thing and asked people to call in to o…

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Stephanie Hawk wrote 
Jordan Reynolds He is open for delivery he doesn’t have to throw anything away. If he wanted to help the community he would off fed the homeless. The school and outreach groups have supplied families in need with food. Also families in need can’t afford local myth so they usually don’t eat there and would not follow their fb. This was an event with over 100 people standing less then 2 inches away. No social distancing was happening. I have taken full actions. I have written emails to the city council( every member), the mayor, and the governor. Public safety is not a privilege. In a week we went from 3 to 13 in a small county that’s a measurable amount seeing as they say every confirmed case is another 50–100 unconfirmed case. We also don’t have any space for in our medical system for anyone to get sick. Where would they go? So most everyone from our county will die without proper treatment if they acquire serious symptoms. This is not something we have the right to not listen too.

Anthony Ballard wrote 
Sure he could of have a bigger time frame, but take out food is leagle, hes with in his rights. Assuming “poor people” wouldnt follow his facebook is a reach. How is giving away free food not helping people? It was a personal choice for people to go th…

Stephanie Hawk wrote 
Jordan Reynolds no he would of needed to have each customer call and he would have needed to give them a time to pick-up the pizza. Having a line was illegal. That’s not social distancing. In the next week when the infection rate spikes you won’t be having the same tune. When they mandate world wide mandatory vaccines, and harsher limitations for people’s not listening you won’t be saying that. Have your opinion and I’ll have mine and continue to report large public gathering to my publicly elected officials. Have a great day.

Jordan Reynolds wrote 
He didn’t form a line, he gave out free food and people formed a line, your just making up new laws. I 100% take this seriously as someone who is essential during this. Nothing but love for all of you but you’re going full Karen on this. You were not f…

Stephanie Hawk wrote 
Jordan Reynolds he asked people to stand in line. No I didn’t go because I’m smart. I also have friends who have been negatively affected by his selfish business practice and may not remain in business because of it. I’m not sorry I did the right thing standing up for my community. He wasn’t looking out for anyone but himself. He didn’t care about any of the other businesses that needed that money from pizza to make their bills. Any way you look at this from a business side this is selfish. Live in your world and I’ll live in mine. I didn’t go overboard I did what a responsible citizen would do. I did not call the police like they asked I reached out the people in power to inform them. I also made the public aware. In the end every comment gives more notice to my post. So thank for your contributions.

Jordan Reynolds wrote 
Stephanie Hawk I’m looking at it from a business stand point? But you just said he didnt care about other pizza places that are still charging? Looks like you have a businesses prospective. Dont start with the your side, chelan is just as much my home as it is yours.

Stephanie Hawk wrote 
Jordan Reynolds nobody said it wasn’t. He was being selfish. We have plenty of outreach groups that were flooded with donations from our loving community and the school is handing out a weeks worth of food at a time. We have more ways to feed our less fortunate then other communities. He did nothing but serve his own purpose. I also value public safety much more then free pizza. If anyone needs food I’ve offered to cook it, sanitize the containers and drop it off. As well as many others in town. He should of waited till this was over.

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