Steve Kerr on the 1982 Murder of his Dad Malcolm Kerr

By | May 18, 2020
On the court, Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr didn’t have much in common, in terms of their skillsets.
But off the court, the two former Chicago Bulls players both had to deal with unspeakable tragedy in their life.
For Kerr, his father Malcolm was murdered in Beirut in 1984. Nine years later, James Jordan was murdered in North Carolina. Read Full Story 

Rachel Nichols

“He’s gonna shoot this f*cker. He’s not going to pass this f*cking ball. No John Paxson, no Steve Kerr. This is his f*cking turn.” – Rodman on Michael Jordan’s ’98 gamewinner

Justin Tinsley
I’ve known that story about Steve Kerr’s dad, but hearing him and his mom document it was super heavy. Then to tie it all the way back in to Jordan passing it to him to seal the ‘97 Finals. Sheesh.

Welp, the Michael Jordan – Steve Kerr connection/relationship/unspoken bond over their fathers is my new favorite untold sports story.

Kevin O’Connor
I’m so glad Last Dance gave so much time to guys like Steve Kerr and Dennis Rodman. Each of their journeys  to the NBA are a reminder that even if you aren’t a high performer at a young age, or even if you take an unorthodox path, you can still find success and happiness in life.


 to “stick to sports” remember what his life journey is.
His awareness and social activism is rooted in his Dad’s story.
I knew his back story. His dad Malcom’s is compelling and undertold.
Steve Kerr is authentic.FactsHundred points symbol

Skip Bayless
How cool was MJ telling Steve Kerr to be ready, Kerr saying, I’LL BE READY, then doubled MJ hitting Kerr right in rhythm for the game-winning 2-pt jumper … that after their practice fight. MJ prepared him, toughened him. Kerr, as MJ said, “earned his wings” with that shot.

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