Surveillance Technology in The Business Industry- What is The Big Shift?

By admin | November 3, 2019

Surveillance Technology in The Business Industry- What is The Big Shift?

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The impact of video surveillance technology can be seen in a variety of businesses and industries. Ideally, video surveillance tools are used to preserve valuable assets of a company. However, video surveillance helps businesses to improve their workplace security as well.

Despite the fact that video surveillance systems and tools such as CCTVs have been around for quite some time now, a lot of smaller businesses and start ups have now started investing in surveillance tools to improve the security of their businesses.

One of the main reasons why video surveillance systems have become so popular in recent years is due to the ever growing threat of cyber attacks and data theft. This has made the surveillance industry to grow at an exponential rate.

Today, the video surveillance industry is worth $30 billion. Moreover, it is estimated be a $70 billion industry within the next 2 years.

One of the major factors behind the sudden boost in the surveillance industry is the ever-growing technological advancements in the IT world, such as cloud technology.

Due to the rise of cloud technology, many businesses prefer to store their company’s technical data in the cloud .Cloud based tools such as windows virtual desktop/Azure WVD server can be used as a useful resource to store data on the cloud. This increases the chances of their video data getting stolen or hacked by cyber attackers.

While science and technology has made it more challenging for businesses to maintain the security of their confidential data, it has also affected the surveillance industry, but in a more positive way. Following are some of the most important factors that have transformed video surveillance solutions for businesses:

1. Flexibility and Versatility of Video Surveillance Systems

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The continuous growth and  development in signal processing is making video surveillance tools and systems more flexible and versatile. Through signal processing, video surveillance tools can be easily adjusted according to the frequency of the accumulated video data. For example, in case of a security threat, the frequency of  data collection is increased to give a more improved and elaborated data analysis.

2. Role of Big Data in Video Surveillance Systems

Due to the evolution of Big Data in  video surveillance industry, the storage and collection of streaming videos taken from multiple cameras has become more faster, easier and cost effective.

3. Video Streaming Tools

In recent years, different online video streaming applications have gained immense popularity in video surveillance industry. Such streaming tools and applications play a vital part in the effective management of streaming analytics.

4. Role of AI in the Development of Video Surveillance Industry

AI has significantly improved video surveillance tools and services. With the help of predictive analytics, it is possible to detect   security threats and take appropriate security measures to control them in time.

5. The Evolution IOT Devices

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Surveillance Technology in The Business Industry- What is The Big Shift?

The integration of IoT gadgets with video surveillance systems can help to improve the performance and overall quality of video an organization’s video surveillance systems. For example, drone cameras can be used to record such areas that cannot be covered through static cameras.

Due to such technical advancements in the video surveillance industry, operators of modern surveillance systems have to face several challenges. Firstly, they need to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of their customer’s data. Advanced surveillance tools and systems should be used according to the laws of data protection. Similarly, necessary permissions must be taken to use IOT devices such as   drones for video surveillance.

Although, AI plays a vital role in improving the overall surveillance system of an organization, video operators are still required to monitor the performance and activity of the surveillance systems.

There is no doubt that modern video surveillance systems can help to improve the security of businesses through various technologies such as IOT, AI and cloud technology. The best way for new business organizations to improve their own video surveillance systems is to assess the nature of their security needs and requirements first. Also, it is equally important to calculate how much money you can invest in employing modern IOT surveillance tools and services.

Also, business organizations need to work on improving the security of their cloud infrastructure. Many cyber attackers operate through the cloud. They can access the company’s confidential video surveillance data. Therefore, it is crucial for business organizations to improve their cloud security.

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