Taylor Rose Williams: 5 Year old Missing in Brentwood Jacksonville FL

By admin | November 7, 2019

MISSING PERSONS (MARKET NEWS) : Authorities in Jacksonville, Florida issued amber alert and sent  additional 100 or more cops, firemen and others without hesitation to look from the air, ground and water Wednesday in two town for a missing 5-year-old Taylor Rose Williams.

However, as of Wednesday evening, all effort to locate the missing girl  from her Brentwood home on Ivy Street since 12 PM, turned up nothing. The pursuit extended to a Southside high rise where she lived before her family’s relocation to another home.

Taylor was not in her room when her mom, Brianna Williams checked on her at about 7:20 a.m., Tuesday police said. It was however reported that the mother found out the back door of their house was unlocked.

Williams, the mother of the missing child is an official at Naval Station Jacksonville FL.

Taylor Rose Williams: 5 Year old Missing in Brentwood Jacksonville FL

A police helicopter and local group of fire-fighters joined 121 officials, firemen, mounted police, FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement specialists and off-road vehicles in scouring a square-mile area around Brentwood Boulevard and Ivy Street where the young lady was last  seen,according to a statement released by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Asst. Chief T.K. Waters.

“We are concerned, however we are going to look and proceed for the duration of the night in order to find Taylor,” Waters said. “… We are trusting she not alone wherever she is. Furthermore, we trust that in the event that she is with a relative or companion, we are asking, we are asking, that you would contact us.”

Waters said the young lady’s mom and family has been collaborating. She was at the Sheriff’s Office a large portion of the day without a lawyer “as a concerned mother,” he said.

Taylor is 3 feet tall with dark colored eyes and dark hair and was most recently seen wearing a purple shirt and pink pajama pants. The state of Florida likewise issued an Amber Alert.

Anybody with data or information on the missing young lady can contact the Sheriff’s Office at (904) 630-0500.

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