The Black Death Documentary Video : The Deadliest Pandemic Recorded in Human History

By | September 8, 2020

The Black Death Documentary Video : The Deadliest Pandemic Recorded in Human History.

In modern times, if you get sick your parents take you to the doctor and you get some medicine to feel better, but in the fourteenth century illnesses like “The Black Death” would spread from town to town, wiping out entire villages of people. In today’s educational animated video we look at what made “The Black Death” so deadly.


The Black Death was the deadliest pandemic recorded in human history. The Black Death resulted in the deaths of up to 75–200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa, peaking in Europe from. According to Wikipedia.



Hielo Wrote

The lack of discipline and knowledge how to handle it are the factors that made it deadly. Same as what’s happening right now in some countries.

Gary Seekford wrote 
Well let this serve as a reminder this is not the first disease that we’ve had traveling the country and they probably won’t be the last as people keep experimenting with things they shouldn’t be messing with

Carla Ceejay James wrote
I wonder what the anti vaxers would say if we had a modern day plague, just as devastating as the black death, slowly wiping out entire towns and families, barely leaving a survivor in its path. Mercury’s not looking too bad now I guess

Jeneviva Sechele wrote 
So, now I understand the post of… flowers to the nose, what a dire time to have lived .Just glad that the plague is not with us today, but as we all know, we have another sister of this plague keeping us isolated.
I believe in our scientists and doctors, they’ve done it before and will do it again.Lord keep us all safe and I believe we will get through this once again, as our ancestors did.

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Gary Seekford wrote 
I see a lot of history things and a lot of it I would not be proud to admit that my relatives had anything to do with it but even though we’re exposed all the stuff what is really being done to change things.

Mitchell Hector Jacob wrote 
but what if the black death happened on this generation where people interact much frequently and the population is greater but we have the technology and knowledge to have a vaccine for a disease

Richard Donavin wrote 
The Black death lead to the Renaissance. Which was a factor in bringing about the Reformation. The Reformation helped spur the Enlightenment that inspired the US revolution and the Constitution.

Joe Cunningham wrote 
Plagues have been with us for as long as we have existed and they will be with us in the future. Scientists have learned a lot in 700 years. Hopefully this knowledge will pay off soon in mitigation of Covid.
There’s plenty of blame to go around with re… See More

Felecia Grayson wrote 
I learned in a college history class that another reason for the Black Death Plague was due to change in temperatures which caused crops to fail. This caused a migration of people toward cities. This caused the cities to be over populated and helped the spread of the plague.

Anthony Cortez wrote 
Maybe It was made by our creator the e.t. For experimental purposes or other reason, maybe to eliminate weak genes so the next generation will be much stronger against future diseases, so humans can live more centuries and continue to progress our intelligence so when the time comes the aliens can make use of us after their long, millions of years of investment on earth.

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Larry Townley wrote 
Actually,I heard at the time someone disturbed the grave of an ancient Sorcerer in China!!! The curse then took the form of the PLAGUE!!!

Marc Sweeney wrote 
On the whole the black death ws actually a great thing for europe thatrevolutionised the continent. People had plenty of food afterwards and could demand better conditions for their work as there was nobody else.

James Nicholas LoPatriello wrote 
A bacteria spread by lice/mites commonly hosted by rates in a society where we dumped our sewage and garbage on the streets.

Kassidy Cockrell wrote 
Well they didn’t wash nor knew what soap was either… Also they did toss their waste out in the street  the longest they went without a bath was probably like a month.

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