Tiffany Dover Death -Obituary – Dead :Tiffany Pontes Dover has Died .

By John Okoro | December 19, 2020

Tiffany Dover Death -Obituary – Dead : The nurse who got the and collapsed has reportedly  died .

Tiffany Pontes Dover has reportedly died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 19. 2020.

So Tiffany Pontes Dover didn’t just faint, she may be dead. If you have links, drop them. Her Instagram and Facebook…

Posted by Heather Pauldine on Saturday, December 19, 2020

Update: Just found this so this could be disinfo:


So far it has not been verified….

Posted by Nina Chan on Saturday, December 19, 2020

NO FEAR LIFE 4 hrs  · Tiffany Dover ~ the nurse who got the and collapsed has apparently died Any info on this ? BREAKING There are reports Tiffany Pontes Dover is dead. She is the nurse who collapsed on live television when being interviewed about the vaccine. We can’t confirm it, we are trying to collect as much intel as possible. INTEL WE KNOW – She is from Tennessee – She collapsed 15+ minutes after taking the Pfizer vaccine on live television – Her Instagram account is tiffany_dover_ and her Facebook is She hasn’t posted for 5 days, she generally posts every 2-3 days. Go look at the comments on her first photo on her Instagram. – There is social media posts about her death from people who were allegedly connected to her or her family – There is reports of death threats against her family for sharing the info – There is reports of censorship – The debunkers are saying it is all false but are providing very little evidence 5151 90 Comments 192 Shares Like Comment Share

Source: (20+) NO FEAR LIFE – Posts | Facebook


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Danyel Brooker wrote
Even if she did die they will be paid to keep quiet. And blamed on her “condition”

Karin Bennett wrote
No, she did not, unless that was her ghost giving the interview afterwards.

Heather Whitmore
No she is not dead gow to New Channel 12 out of Chattanooga tn they done an interview with and she explained what happened ,

Debra Anderson
They removed most of the comments on her IG

Michelle Lee Kilgore
Her Aunt and grandmother have not posted about her dying. She does not post very often

Kristina Marie Stephenson
Check her IG if she is okay why is nobody connected to her saying she is alive when people are pleading for answers

Terry Morse
I wonder if we’ll get a daily count of those that died after receiving the covid vaccine…you know, like the daily count that died “with” covid. (Not FROM covid)

Criss Ward-Crane
To my knowledge she didn’t die. And I know there are reports of others finding death records, but how trust worthy is that site? There was an interview after she fainted with her explaining why she fainted. Now, whether not the vaccine contributed to t… See More

Lowell Hubbs
She clearly did not appear to understand what was happening with that dizziness and the life going out of her. If that had happened before and if she had a said fainting disorder, it surely didn’t appear that she knew that was the case and in this case as to what was happening to her.

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One thought on “Tiffany Dover Death -Obituary – Dead :Tiffany Pontes Dover has Died .

  1. ooohfu

    She’s dead. And for the idiots that say she gave the interview: She died hours later after that cover up interview. They told her to say that BS. If it was a vagal response, why was she holding her head in pain and not her arm? Why did se faint 20 minutes later and not right on the spot? These brain wash ppl need to see it for what it is: A murder-cover up


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