Tiktok Suicide : Hoodsite Live Stream – Man Shoots Himself on Live Stream 2020 – Guy kills Himself Live

By | October 19, 2021

Tiktok Suicide : Hoodsite Live Stream – Man Shoots Himself on Live Stream 2020 – Guy kills Himself Live.

One of the social media users who watched the graphic video of a man killing himself live of Facebook wrote

“I just saw a man kill himself on tiktok and he was on Facebook live his mom was watching and boom he shot himself. The police came running in one second to late.
It was so sad! .”

The graphic video was shared on twitter and has been viewed by thousands of people before it was taking down but was riposted by another user.

The video first appeared on a streaming site called Hoodsite, but due to the graphic nature of the video we are not posting it here, anyone who wish to watch it can follow the twitter link below.

The Deceased Ronnie McNutt, was seen in a youtube video (link below) speaking at his fathers funeral


He would later suicide with a shotgun on a Facebook live stream on August 31th, 2020.

Although Facebook and Twitter is doing everything possible to ensure contents of this nature are not promoted on their sites, one of the link to the suicide video of Ronnie McNutt is still on twitter.


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Comments and Reactions

FinalPutsch wrote

This gives me a whole lot more compassion for him. I wont lie when I first saw the livestream I saw a man of malice who wanted to inflict maximum suffering on those around him. But it must be remembered theres circumstances that gets someone to that point. Life is too nuanced and strange to put people into right and wrong. RIP

ItsYourMotherDear wrote

My grandmother, uncle and father all died by suicide. The one thing I have learned is that when you are that far down- you feel nothing. So i never saw his actions as intentionally hurtful towards those close to him. I honestly believe he didn’t think it would be that big of a deal.

That people loved him and would be sad but when you have such severe depression it’s a “blankness” and if you don’t have emotions it is hard to anticipate others. I feel bad for this guy. I cant imagine he knew that ending his life publicly would cause so many people to think so negatively of him.

chinchillazilla54 wrote

I think when people livestream their suicides, it’s because they want to be remembered, and they think nothing else about them was very memorable. They’re more afraid of being forgotten than of being remembered as someone who inflicted pain. It’s an all-around bummer.


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