Timesha Beauchamp Update : Michigan Woman Not Dead .

By | August 25, 2020

Timesha Beauchamp Update : Michigan Woman Not Dead .

This is Timesha Beauchamp. She was declared dead. As she was about to be embalmed, mortuary staff realized she was alive. Prior to all of this, there were signs she was still alive but EMT DISMISSED them as side effects. They dismissed her because of her disabilities.
The family’s lawyer said that Beauchamp is now on a ventilator at a Detroit hospital fighting for her life. The incident reportedly began on Sunday, August 23, at 7:30 AM when her family called 911 after Beauchamp became unresponsive at her home.
Southfield Fire Department paramedics then performed CPR on her, however, she was declared dead by them. The 20-year-old’s body was released to her family for funeral preparations because there were no signs of foul play in the case. Meaww.com reported.

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Brandie wrote
Imagine being told your daughter was dead and she was taken away in a body bag to the funeral home only to learn upon ALMOST embalming her that she was actually alive. That’s what happened to 20 year old .

Cheryl Menicci wrote 
Omg ! Thank god she was found alive before anything was done ! God bless!!

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Sheri Butterfield wrote 
No way they will get any kind of compensation. It is possible for a person to die and come back. She should be grateful her daughter is alive.

Karyn Miller wrote 

I live in Michigan where this happen and I am trying to figure out on what grounds for an lawsuit. The reports that I had read are conflicting, not to mention disturbing.

She was declared deceased, transferred to the morgue and then to the funeral home and the funeral home said she was breathing and now the story has changed to her eyes were open after they unzipped the body bag and she was about to be embalmed. This story has so many holes in it, I don’t know what to believe.

Texter Vaid wrote 
this funeral home , not the place you would wanna take a quick nap at . they are too quick on the shovel.

Nina Russell wrote 
Accidents, mistakes happen, but so does incompetence.
The county m.e should be investigated thoroughly.

Vicky Calderone wrote 
Once embalmed then the body is sent to the funeral home for viewing .unless the funeral home skipped the embalming process people would know because of rotten flesh would be a dead giveaway at past funerals .

Mohale Thando wrote 
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