Tony Bennett Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Tony Bennett, the 94-year-old singer has Died .

By John Okoro | February 1, 2021

Tony Bennett Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Tony Bennett, the 94-year-old singer has Died .

Death Notice for Today February 1. 2021

Tony Bennett, the 94-year-old singer has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on February 1. 2021.

We do not know the cause of death at the moment.

Dr. Joseph Frusci @JFrusci Very sad news. Tony Bennett, the 94-year-old singer who has become a beloved interpreter of the American songbook, has Alzheimer’s disease, his family told AARP The Magazine. This robs a person of themselves before it kills them. via ⁦ @nytimes


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Lenore Lee
Our musical treasure.  Love & prayers  to Tony as he embarks on his journey.

Cori Hawes
You are an American treasure, Tony. Thank you for many years of beautiful music.

Sunny Peterson
So fortunate for all, including him, that the disease waited this long to begin robbing his mind. So many people are hit with Alzhiemers so much earlier in their lives. My mother died at 95 with Alzhiemers, that was diagnosed when she was 85. We noticed memory issues earlier, and moved her into assisted living. We lose our loved ones twice. Once when their memory of us is gone, and again when they die.

Tom Hardjowirogo
I started to notice when he said ‘He left his heart in San Fransisco’
Just kidding – I wish him well , to be able to fight and control this disease.

John Edward Bennett
Very very sorry to hear that. Still love to listen to his songs, especially the new duets with Lady Gaga and others.

Patricia O’Callaghan Goudge
His music has given so much to us all, and now it will continue giving joy to him.

Karen R. Sakagami
Music and song cut through all barriers. Muscle memory of what brings him joy singing , lives on. May this hold true until…♥️

DK Sacks
Alzheimer’s is a young person’s dementia. He probably has age induced dementia.

Katy Schmoll
He’s a brilliant entertainer and singer and will always be remembered for that! And I admire his announcement!

Tal Hurley
Maybe he could still sing. Glenn Campbell performed until he couldn’t remember the lyrics. Tony could always revert to straight skat. My father sang without words for three years, of course just around the house.
Cookie Harvey
We aren’t built to go on forever. –
Upon asking my 90-year-old mother’s neurologist if her dementia was hereditary, he answered “If you live long enough”. – He’s had a long career. Longer than most.

Lisa Fields-Mikels
We love you and will never forget what you have left us with your beautiful moving music

Carol Tenn-Lee
If you have to have this horrible destroying illness, at this age it is not too bad… than to have it at a younger age!
I met him in Monaco many years ago, just a wonderful person.. I so wish him well!

Grace Napoleon
A gentleman who appreciated my friend and I not acknowledging him as we both had tea at Takashimaya.

Gayle Valencheck
Love Tony Bennett. But I find the concept that a 94 year old is just now being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease to be a little strange. You don’t just get Alzheimer’s disease at 94. You usually are diagnosed with it a good decade or more before that and sometimes as many as four decades before that . Once you’re in your 90 , even if diagnosed in the last five or six Years, the symptoms are More often age-related cognitive decline
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