Tony D’Archi Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Tony D’Archi has Died.

By John Okoro | February 16, 2021

Tony D’Archi Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Tony D’Archi has Died.

Death Notice for Today February 14. 2021

Tony D’Archi has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on February 14. 2021.

Jason Lietaer @jasonlietaer Sad news about a good guy, Tony D’Archi. I knew he worked in broadcasting before politics but didn’t really understand the scope of the mark he left. Life is precious folks, and thanks to my buddy @RodSmithTSN for such a nice tribute. Quote Tweet


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Craig Colby wrote
When I think of Tony D’Archi, one word comes to mind – big.
Tony was physically big. One look at him and you thought “football player”. When I’d see Tony across the room at the gym, he’d nod, smile, then destroy whatever workout I was doing.
Tony also had big opinions. That was in the TSN newsroom, where we were colleagues in the 1990s. In fact, it was an unofficial cover charge to get into the place. It may be hard to believe in these days of polarization and pointing fingers, but one of the absolute joys was dueling with ideas while we watched games and wrote scripts. Opposition wasn’t offensive. It was expected. If was fun.
Tony held true to this as long as I knew him. We were in different camps politically, and neither of us has ever been shy about expressing it, even online. But our responses to each other’s posts were always respectful.
Most of all, Tony had a big heart. His laugh was pure and smile infectious. Tony cared deeply about his work, sometimes to his detriment. Daily, live television is a relentless wheel. You need to leave an imperfect show behind so you can move on to the next. Tony had trouble with that. When things went wrong, he really felt it. I know he felt it when he lost his job at TSN, a common occurrence in this wilting industry.
A few years after that, I ran into Tony at the airport as he was on his way to a freelance gig. His smile fought through a veil of frustration. Tony was managing his new reality, but he longed to be fully engaged. Nothing about Tony was part time. His heart just wasn’t built that way.
Tony pivoted to corporate communications and just last month got a full-time job with the Provincial Government. The role seemed perfect for him. I knew he’d put his whole heart into it.
My last exchange with Tony came about a week ago. In the wake of the Bell terminations, I’d posted on LinkedIn about the importance of reaching out to friends and colleagues who have lost their jobs. Like Tony, I’d been shown the door. The comment resonated, being seen by more than 17,000 people with more than 300 reactions and 80 comments. The first comment was from Tony. It was kind and supportive. It had heart.
It’s the last time I’d hear from Tony. He died from a heart attack days later.
I don’t want to misrepresent my relationship with Tony. We didn’t know each other all that well. But we were part of a unique environment. The TSN newsroom, in our time at least, was populated by people with some key traits in common. In addition to being opinionated, we were all young, single, ambitious, hard working, grossly underpaid and over-the-top crazy about sports. Every night we put on shows at 6:30, 11:00 and 2:00. Those shows only made it to air if everyone worked together. It was us against the clock and limited resources. That environment created a tight bond. I’ve been on a lot of great teams in my career, but that group is unlike any other. Nothing matches the ties you form when everyone is starting out together. You become a band of sisters and brothers.
My TV sisters and brothers are hurting now. We haven’t just lost a friend or colleague . We’ve lost something big.
R.I.P. Tony. You will be missed.


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