Triple Beanz Killed : Newark Rapper Triple Beanz Shot Dead.

By | November 30, 2020

Triple Beanz Killed : Newark Rapper Triple Beanz Shot Dead.

Newark New Jersey rapper Triple Beanz has died after being fatally shot by armed masked gun men, according to a video posted on on November 29.  2020 .
This is a developing story and we do not have more information on who the masked men are or what led to this shooting incident. This report will be updated as soon as we have more information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Kevin Ronkoma wrote 
Damn the dude just livin his life riding on his range rover and som jealous sadistic fucs pulled out the glock. Smh Rip to the man.

Wellarentyousmart  wrote 
Why is it always unknown black ‘rappers’ getting killed…I assume he used a name generator for his cool name lol

Jonny Chimpo wrote 
I assume another mural will be painted to commemorate his shitty decisions and promotion of drugs/violence. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this guy pretty much did it to himself yet, we should all praise him and mourn because Blm.

NoLiveSMatter wrote 
Fuck . For a minute I thought is was Trippie Red. I was about to Thank the White Lord for killing these garbage ass rappers. And putting there body on display in dead morgue photos. But it was just another no name rapper dying for chump change. I guess its true a niggas life’s ain’t worth shit.! You can’t win them all.!

Mr SawedOff Leatha Face wrote 
I knew it was something about this dude just because he had a range rover. Never heard of him but I have heard of hating ass niggas like the men dont hate to see noggas shine.

MadDanks81 wrote 
This foo must have been hated to be set up like that, some one called these goons like, “ok now hes leaving”
foh they just happen to pick someone randomly to kill, that was a hit.

gets187 wrote 
Any street smart criminal will notice a car stopped , holding up traffic for no apparent reason . Rappers in 2020 are too busy paying attention to their “drip” or their smartphones .

Traveling Man gets187 wrote
The problem ALL ALONG is that they have known what barf lavz maddur means more than Moon Crickets and other tards!

King  wrote 
#Black Lives Matter #Typical Nig behavior #Nigs are the most aggressive race on planet #Nigs have the lowest IQ of all human races.

Cedric exu offendr wrote 
All the technology available and these cave apes cant figure out how to get a pistol that works properly

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