Trump Tested Positive to Covid-19 : Zara Rahim, Clinton’s Former 2016 Spokesperson Wishes Death on President Trump.

By | October 2, 2020

Trump Tested Positive to Covid-19 : Zara Rahim, Clinton’s Former 2016 Spokesperson Wishes Death on President Trump.

Disgusting. This is Zara Rahim, Clinton’s former 2016 spokesperson wishing death on President Trump.
Official Twitter policy indicates that someone wishing for another death is against the rules.
She should be banned.

Her tweets wishing president Trump Death has generated a lots of angry reactions on social media.

Judy Ryan wrote 
It appears Hillary hired someone with her values, her empathy and her moral character. God bless our president and First Lady.

Char Boyer wrote 
The left truly seems to Demonic individuals with no morals, low character, no self esteem hating all except their own group! On the other hand I wish our President Trump and First Lady a speedy recovery! We love and pray for you both! Thanks so much for the numerous was you’ve made America Great Again!.

Lany Wilkinson wrote 
You hadn’t really exhibited your moral identity until now ‘in writing’ but we’ve been aware that it’s exactly what you are displaying.

Sue Castilloux wrote 
You know as much as we hated the Obama POLICIES and I repeat it was his policies that we did not agree with, I don’t think people wished he were dead! This is “SO” what the LIBERAL Democrats have become. I don’t understand why there aren’t more Democrat senators, Congressmen/women jumping ship from the party who have been highjacked by the radical socialists left. Are they so hung up on “PARTY” name that they are willing to destroy the country they say they LOVE just to keep the Party alive? It’s beyond me!

Benjamin Asher Teoh wrote 
We’re not surprised, are we? Honestly speaking, I have no idea what makes these never Trumpers hate him so much. I understand political differences and a clash between two doctrines, but so much hatred…?

Linda Burrini wrote 
My only question about this kind Of question I would have for a woman of this type with such a vocabulary to wish someone death is i she mentally Hill and unstable. She definitely needs medical help to wish someone death the matter whether you like a person or not that’s not a normal thing to say by any means

Patricia Crawford wrote 
Sad words! May god bless you and open your mind to the fact that our president has done a lot for our country and I believe he will be elected again! So sorry you have all this hate in your heart, have a good day!

Carmen Corona wrote 
You shouldn’t wish something like this on anyone because your wish might just visit you in the form of Karma if not to you directly then to a family member. You best hope your wish doesn’t come true. I put this out to all those of you as well that wish the same.

Susan Matteo wrote 
Apparently she no longer has a moral identity.She seems dangerous and should be arrested and brought in by the Secret Service for questioning.

Daphne Quinn wrote 
Well..I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Dems ..they’re reprehensible , and a disgrace to our country . Should be ashamed but they’re seriously soooo deranged that I’m afraid the only place for them is isolated in a padded room .

Dan Langsdorf wrote 
What a disgusting and humiliating thing to say about anyone. It’s really sad because “we hold life and death in the power of the tongue”
Proverbs 18:21 puts it this way: “The tongue has the power of life and death.” The stakes are high. Your words can either speak life, or your words can speak death. Our tongues can build others up, or they can tear them down. An unchecked fire doubles in size every minute.

Betty Brasel wrote 
I am not surprise to see such things. Sad to think America, has turned so hateful, it is like I don’t recognize my country any more. The country I grew up in, never would have said such an awful thing. It just wasn’t done.

Anita Shallenberger Sheets wrote 
Shame shame on you you have no love in your heart for probably anybody except for yourself if you only knew the truth none of this down down here matters we’re not going to be here long none of us there’s a God that says coming to me and I will save you through Jesus your way down on the list of knowing anything I feel sorry for you that I pray to God that you find the Lord before you die.


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